All-Electric Home at an All-Time High

Homeowners are ready to switch to all-electric heating, cooking, and driving. Green Builder Media announces the release of a new ebook to help them make the transition.

Lake City, Colo., Nov. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
The Great American Electrification is upon us!

“The concept of an all-electric home has never made more sense,” says Matt Power, Editor-in-Chief of Green Builder. “Consumer demand for all-electric homes has reached an all-time high. This market pull, plus new federal financing, is opening the door for massive transformation in the built environment.

To help spread the good word, Green Builder editors have assembled all the information builders and consumers need to transition seamlessly into the new era of cleaner living. This ebook, The Great American Electrification, offers trends, case studies, and product reviews to help builders plan future projects. Sections include

  •  Information on public attitudes toward electric homes
  • “The All-Electric House” graphic, which shows exactly what an all-electric house is and how it works
  • electric technology that homeowners want
  • new information on solar integration
  • Updates on the nation’s outdated electrical grid and what can be done about it.
  • The business case for electric living. 

Download your free copy of the book today! 

For subject matter expert interviews, more electrification statistics and graphics, or other questions, contact Cati O'Keefe at 

This ebook was made possible by support from Panasonic, EverVolt, and NV Energy. 

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The Great American Electrification

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