AGM Statement




LEI number: 213800SYIQPA3L3T1Q68

At an Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of Crown Place VCT PLC, duly convened and held virtually at noon on 28 November 2022 at the registered office of the Company at 1 Benjamin Street, London, EC1M 5QL, the following resolutions as set out in the notice of the AGM were passed by way of a poll, and the table below shows the result of the votes cast on each resolution:

  Votes For (or at the Chairman’s discretion)Against
NoDescription% Votes Cast
1To receive and adopt the Company’s accounts for the year ended 30 June 202299.03%0.97%
2To approve the Directors’ remuneration report for the year ended 30 June 202297.16%2.84%
3To re-elect Penny Freer as a Director of the Company97.03%2.97%
4To re-elect James Agnew as a Director of the Company97.49%2.51%
5To re-elect Pam Garside as a Director of the Company98.01%1.99%
6To re-elect Ian Spence as a Director of the Company97.90%2.10%
7To re-appoint BDO LLP as Auditor of the Company93.35%6.65%
8To authorise the Directors to agree the Auditor’s remuneration98.90%1.10%
9Authority to allot shares98.35%1.65%
10Authority for the disapplication of pre-emption rights96.57%3.43%
11Authority to purchase own shares95.72%4.28%

Resolution numbers 1 to 9 were passed as Ordinary resolutions, and resolution numbers 10 and 11 were passed as Special resolutions.

A recording of the AGM, including a presentation by the Manager, will be available on the Albion Capital website at as soon as reasonably practicable.

29 November 2022

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