Bango launches first European e-distribution partnership for McAfee

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bango (AIM: BGO), the global platform for data-driven commerce, announces that McAfee, a global leader in online protection, has launched its e-distribution business in Europe through the Bango Platform, partnering initially with Onestream. Onestream – an independent broadband, mobile and wi-fi solutions provider in the UK – will offer and bundle McAfee’s security products as part of its broadband packages, to acquire and retain more customers.

The Bango Platform enables merchants to standardize e-distribution and remove the complexity of promoting products through online distribution channels. E-distribution standardizes the technical and commercial model for selling digital subscriptions through channel partners. One integration with Bango opens up a world of channel partners, increasing access to new customers.

Channel partners like Onestream can quickly and easily launch with a range of merchants that are pre-integrated to the Bango Platform. In a matter of weeks, a channel partner can provide a variety of third-party subscription offers and bundles to entice new customers and keep their services sticky. With Bango e-distribution technology, Onestream simply purchases the McAfee licenses directly from Bango in real-time and delivers them as compelling customer offers.

“Making the online world a more secure and enjoyable place for consumers is our goal. Our partnership with Bango delivers greater expansion of our security products to customers across the world, quickly, easily and cost effectively,” comments Vonny Gamot, Head of EMEA, McAfee.

“This is just the beginning. McAfee delivers a must have complementary solution to pair with our broadband services, and we’re looking forward to expanding this further with a compelling range of third-party offers and bundles through the Bango Platform,” comments Aaron Brown, CEO at Onestream.

“The Bango Platform provides the quickest way to launch a creative and diverse range of product offers and bundles to excite customers. I’m delighted that Bango is enabling McAfee and Onestream to bring online safety to more customers,” comments Anil Malhotra, CMO at Bango.

About Bango

The world's largest online merchants, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, use Bango technology to acquire more paying users.

Bango has developed unique purchase behavior technology that enables millions more users to buy the products and services they want, using innovative payment methods, including carrier billing, digital wallets, and subscription bundling. Bango harnesses this purchase activity into valuable marketing segments called Bango Audiences. Merchants use these audiences to target their marketing at paying customers based on their purchase behavior. Better targeting increases spend through the Bango payments business, in turn generating more data insights, creating a powerful virtuous circle that drives continuous growth. Everyone connected to the Bango Platform thrives as the virtuous circle grows.

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About McAfee

McAfee Corp. is a global leader in online protection for consumers. Focused on protecting people, not just devices, McAfee’s consumer solutions adapt to users’ needs in an always online world, empowering them to live securely through integrated, intuitive solutions that protect their families and communities with the right security at the right moment. For more information, please visit

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