InstaProtek Powers The New OtterBox Protection Program

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OtterBox has partnered with instaProtek to launch a new program to add an extra layer of protection to your device screen. This new program offers a phone screen guarantee up to $1501 and screen protector replacement if your device screen breaks with Amplify Glass or Alpha Glass installed.

Amplify Glass or Alpha Glass screen protectors can be registered using the Otterbox Protection Program mobile app, found in the app stores. It provides a fast and easy way for customers to register their Amplify Glass or Alpha Glass products, track proof of purchase, and file a claim easily from the app to replace the screen protector, phone screen or both. With instaProtek the OtterBox Protection Program is taking device protection to the next level.   OtterBox Protection Program is available now on and is coming soon to additional retailers and distributors.

“At OtterBox, we are committed to superior engineering, R&D and testing to create premium screen protectors,” said Patrick Berner, OtterBox’s Vice President of Screen Protection Product Category. “The OtterBox Protection Program backs up that dedication by offering consumers up to a $150 product guarantee to help cover part or all of the repair cost in the unlikely event that their device screen is damaged with one of our Alpha Glass or Amplify Glass screen protectors installed. This is a program made possible by InstaProtek. Their smart platform, easy-to-use app and unmatched nationwide coverage backed by a top-rated provider matches the high level of service that OtterBox consumers know and deserve.”

“We are proud to partner with a premium brand like OtterBox,” said instaProtek’s President Scott Johnson. “The screen guarantee covers up to $150. It provides customers peace of mind if their phone screen does break. They can use the funds towards a screen repair or towards the insurance deductible if the repairs are more than $150. Everybody wins, the insurance providers love it as it’s less money for them to pay on repairs. The retailers love it, they have happier customers and a better customer experience. The customers love it, they pay little or no money at all to have their phone repaired.”

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1OtterBox will reimburse up to $150 of screen repairs for registered Amplify Glass or Alpha Glass products on select devices. Valid for 12 months from date of purchase.