Election Officials Across the Country Use Clear Ballot Tech to Run Successful Elections and Audits for 40 Million Voters

Boston, MA, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Election officials in thirteen states used Clear Ballot technology in the most recent election, delivering transparent, accurate results that voters can have confidence in. Clear Ballot worked with county officials to provide solutions that helped count and verify millions of absentee, in-person, and early voting ballots securely and accurately at a time when there is increased scrutiny on jurisdictions to tabulate and produce accurate results immediately after the polls close.  

Clear Ballot’s federally-certified ClearVote system, a voting and tabulation product, is used in Colorado, Kansas, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin, while their post-election results verification and audit solutions are used in Colorado, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Vermont. 

“Helping our customers ensure that they’re running great elections and providing them with extra support is the number one priority at Clear Ballot, and it’s especially important in a midterm election year when all eyes are on local election officials,” said Clear Ballot CEO Bob Hoyt. “Even as we grow as a company, our focus is always on how we can continue to innovate and help our customers improve democracy one election at a time.” 

“Counties have a number of choices when it comes to voting equipment. Now that we have been with Clear Ballot for over a year, we are certain we made the correct choice,” said Ben Kline, Deputy Director of the Huron County, Ohio Board of Elections.  “Clear Ballot’s customer service is impeccable.  We are a small county, yet we are treated like their number one customer.  The equipment is fast and accurate, and Clear Ballot helps us to deliver fair, impartial, and transparent elections.” 

Clear Ballot’s election successes followed a big year for the company, which was selected by both Cuyahoga County, Ohio and Summit County, Ohio for new voting systems to be implemented in 2023 and by the State of New Hampshire, Miami-Dade County, Florida and Sarasota County, Florida for post-election audits in 2022. The company also helped support its first international election, providing paper ballots and on-site support in the City of Greater Sudbury, for Ontario’s municipal election. For the first time, Clear Ballot’s election technology reached more than 40 million voters in the midterm elections. 

“I came into elections 30 days before early voting began in 2019.  I know the success of that first election and every election since is in large part due to Clear Ballot’s superior support,” said Nicole Mickley, Director of Elections for Carroll County, Ohio. “No matter the day, no matter the time, and no matter how big or small the question, I know when I reach out to Clear Ballot’s support team I will get a timely and helpful response. The peace of mind that gives me in the middle of an election is invaluable.” 


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