Catawba Valley Engineering and Testing (CVET) Delivers Fast Report Delivery, Streamlines Processes, and Reduces Operational Costs with Agile Frameworks

MetaField® increases workflow capabilities for greater productivity and efficiency

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agile Frameworks®, a leader in integrated field and lab management software for the engineering services industry, today announced Catawba Valley Engineering and Testing (CVET) has improved report delivery, streamlined processes, and reduced operational cost since implementing Agile Frameworks’ MetaField® solution.

Based out of Hickory, North Carolina, CVET is a full-service geotechnical engineering, environmental, and construction materials testing (CMT) / special inspections (SI) consulting firm. CVET sought a digital solution to improve operational efficiency. They needed to gain quicker and easier access to field data and streamline processes from site visit to report delivery to accommodate increased volume.

“For us, it came down to support and experience,” said David Rockwell, Special Operations at Catawba Valley Engineering and Testing. “We knew it would be challenging to convert to a new system, but we appreciated that Agile Frameworks had a long track record and great communication.”

CVET had converted their concrete compression test machines to a cloud-based platform, so they needed to ensure MetaField would integrate and grow on the automation already in place. In September 2021 they tested 275 cylinders; one year later, after implementing MetaField, they increased production and were able to test nearly 800 cylinders in September 2022. With the same amount of laboratory staff, they experienced a 300% increase in the number of cylinders compared to the same month one year prior. During this period, there was a significantly positive impact on the ease of delivery and making the jobs of technicians, project managers and CMT department management to delivering results that had a positive impact on client satisfaction and billable time.

“At Agile Frameworks, we offer a built-in process workflow by streamlining data collection and review in a unified view across operations,” said Steve Tubbs, Director of Customer Success at Agile Frameworks. “Since becoming a customer in 2021, CVET has increased their workflow capabilities and overall efficiency. We are eager to continue our strong partnership and deliver a digital solution to help CVET on their path of exceptional growth.”

“Report delivery is a huge improvement compared to what we had in place,” said Rockwell. “Reports are protected and delivered in a matter of seconds, and what had been a 20-hour week job is reduced to a few minutes a day.”

CVET is finding value in the platform’s search features. With MetaField, they can find required information quickly with limited details. The utilities feature also allows for data extraction not possible in the past.

“In several metrics, including company overall sales, projects, tests, etc., we are seeing growth of 25 – 33% compared to the same timeframe as last year,” said Rockwell. “MetaField has softened some of the growing pains that would be felt from such growth and made us more efficient at the same time.”

Since implementing MetaField, CVET has reduced the need for IT hardware and service support. Currently, they are optimizing their file sharing processes because of the robust information managed within MetaField. The change will allow them to cut cost nearly in half on their outside IT service provider while again, increasing productivity.

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Agile Frameworks® provides comprehensive software-as-a-service solutions that integrate corporate, field, and lab data for business process automation across architecture and engineering disciplines. We transform workflows, create high-value data, and deliver outputs you can trust, resulting in industry-leading productivity and profitability. MetaField® — our field and lab data collection and reporting platform — offers a cloud-based digital workflow to automate and connect the process from project set up and scheduling, to mobile data collection and report submission. Companies that use MetaField experience a dramatic cost benefit with a distinct competitive advantage.

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