The ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach to Education Fails Children Nurturing Vocational Goals Claims CEO of Tutors International

Adam Caller, CEO of Tutors International, claims that an outdated curriculum is failing students who have talents outside the mainstream curriculum

OXFORD, UK: The ‘one-size-fits-all’ model adopted in traditional mainstream education works on the premise that all children learn in the same way and that they all need to learn the same things.  But what about those young people who have pursuits and talents outside of mainstream curriculum, such as the creative arts and sports? Tutors International reports that the demand for private residential home tutors for talented young people nurturing vocational goals is on the increase.

Private Tuition: Fostering Academic and Vocational Talents

Adam Caller, Education Consultant, CEO and Founder of Tutors International, can prove from experience that private tuition is ideally suited to students pursuing a sport or other extra-curricular interest professionally. He maintains that the flexibility offered by private tuition enables students to develop their academic and vocational talents concurrently:  

Intensive training programmes and frequent travel for competitions means that mainstream schooling is not compatible with the lifestyle of talented youngsters”, he explains. “A full-time home tutor is the best way to accommodate vocational training without it being at the expense of a first-rate education”.

Mr Caller continues: “Young people should not have to pursue their goals at the expense of a superior education. Our Clients have found that private tuition is ideally suited to students pursuing a sport or other extra-curricular interest professionally. Many parents feel that when their child exhibits a natural gift for an extra-curricular endeavour, that they have to choose whether to pursue that path or continue with academic study. This is a false dichotomy if you consider a personalised full-time home tutor. The right home tutor will work with the family's lifestyle and goals, and nurtures whatever aptitudes and talents their student wishes to pursue”.

A Personalised Curriculum Matched to Student’s Strengths

Elaborating on his point, Mr Caller explains how a student’s individualised requirements can be addressed by the flexible and personalised approach to education that private tuition provides:

“Home-schooled students are not restricted by an outdated curriculum set by politicians and bureaucrats. This allows them to cover academic studies on a flexible timetable that accommodates training in a different discipline, or this could be that the tutor themselves doubles as a coach or trainer in a hybrid role. In this regard, Tutors International has recruited Tutors with equestrian experience, sailing qualifications and even diving expertise. No matter how specialist the vocation, a bespoke Tutor will be found to accommodate it alongside academic teaching. The student has the freedom to develop their talent and this brings with it a sense of autonomy, leading to greater commitment and more motivation to learn. We have learned from experience that students learn better when they have access to one-to-one support, a personalised curriculum, and a tutor who can recognise their strengths and incorporate them into the academic experience. Moreover, parents can feel confident that in encouraging their child’s vocational endeavours they are also assured of receiving a superlative education”.

Tutors International – Experts in The Field of Private Tuition

Tutors International specialises in finding the perfect full-time residential tutor for families and has over twenty years of experience sourcing high-quality private tutors for a spectrum of specialist circumstances and needs. Included in this is finding tutors who work to support children with an extra-curricular focus.

Mr Caller expands on the benefits that private tuition from Tutors International can offer the talented child:

“We are experts in our field and renowned for high quality provision. Tutors International offers a completely tailored process on behalf of each Client that meets their child’s exact educational needs. We see private tutoring as a valid solution here, as a tutor can very quickly home in on a child’s individual strengths and talents and nurture them according to the child’s own interests and learning style”.

“Education is imperative whilst competing at a high level in sport and many families don’t make the most of the sporting opportunities available to them for fear of disrupting their children’s school education. It’s reassuring to see more families recognising the benefits of private tuition for talented young people, and the high volume of related enquiries we receive is testament to the commitment parents are making to both their children’s education and their creative or sporting careers”.

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