FutureDial Mobile Device Processing Solutions Support R2v3 Standards

Mobile Device Refurbishers are equipped to comply with R2v3 Standards for Mobile Phone Testing, Grading and Data-Clearing and More when using FutureDial Automation and Software Solutions

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  FutureDial Incorporated announced today that its software and automation solutions are empowering mobile device refurbishing companies to meet and exceed the demand for accurate device functional testing, cosmetic grading and data sanitization in compliance with R2v3 standards set for the electronics industry by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI).

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Deadline for R2v3 Compliance is July 1st, 2023
Before a mobile phone reseller or recycler can resell or recycle the preowned mobile devices they have refurbished, they must satisfy regulatory standards such as R2v3 that ensure they are removing sensitive personal information from all devices. Thus, accurate testing and data-clearing have become critical to satisfy industry standards such as R2v3. Furthermore, recyclers must be R2v3-compliant by July 1st 2023. The good news is that for years FutureDial solutions have been surpassing the R2v3 requirements for testing and data clearing, with verification and certification of each data erasure logged and auditable. This protects refurbishment businesses and their partners by ensuring that personal data does not remain on devices after processing.

Meeting R2v3 Industry Standards for Many Years
FutureDial cites global concerns about the environment and data security threats as reasons driving its effort to help customers achieve R2v3 compliance through enhanced documentation, data security controls, and material flow management. "Our company was started over 23 years ago on the principles of reducing mobile device waste through reuse. Enabling our customers for R2v3 compliance demonstrates our continued commitment to these principles,” stated Steve Manning, Chief Strategy Officer at FutureDial.

Buy-Back/Trade-In companies, Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs), Tier-1 and Regional Wireless Carriers, OEMs, Device Refurbishers, and other companies in the mobile phone reverse logistics supply chain worldwide, seek to utilize accurate and efficient functional testing, grading and data-erasure tools that meet the auditing requirements of R2v3. FutureDial solutions provide these companies with fully automated reporting and verification of processes that strategically comply with R2v3 audit requirements.

Frank Pipolo, Vice President of Solutions Architecture at FutureDial notes that “Our automation and software solutions incorporate much higher standards for functional testing, cosmetic grading and data-clearing than what is required by the R2v3 standard. Because we work closely with customers to implement their testing and grading standards with our solutions, we have years of expertise in equipping customers to meet R2v3 grading, testing, and reporting requirements.”

FutureDial solutions have been used in the industry to data-clear over 190 Million mobile devices, functionally testing over 16 Million devices and running over 1.57 Billion discrete tests – the most in the industry. All data from these operations are logged and auditable for R2v3 audit compliance, process validation and resale.

About FutureDial
Since 1999, FutureDial has been the leading provider of processing solutions for the mobile device reverse logistics supply chain that also support compliance with industry standards, such as R2V3. Mobile Device Buy-Back Trade-In companies, Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs), Tier-1 and Regional Wireless Carriers, Major Mobile Device Manufacturers (OEMs), Mobile Device Refurbishers, Recyclers and other companies in the mobile supply chain recognize FutureDial as a provider-of-choice for industry-grade solutions that simplify and automate processes, consolidate work flows to help mobile device processing businesses operate more efficiently and profitably, and to meet industry standards and audit requirements. Visit http://www.futuredial.com or email sales@futuredial.com .

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