Holberton School expands in the USA with a new flagship Campus in the heart of Manhattan

In February 2023, the Holberton School will expand again, with the opening of a new campus in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA.

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Holberton School, a project-based college alternative training the next generation of software engineers, announced today the opening of a new campus in the USA. The campus is based in New York City, and will host its first cohort in February 2023.

New York City’s Tech ecosystem has more than 9000 startups attracting almost 300,000 jobs. The need for qualified tech talent is real. Holberton School New York hopes to train 300 students by 2025 and, in due course, help nurture the next generation of software developers that local companies are looking for!

“This is a new approach to education. At Holberton School, there are no formal teachers and no formal courses. Instead, lessons are project-centered and peer-learning based. We assign students increasingly difficult programming challenges to solve, providing only minimal initial direction on accomplishing the assigned tasks or projects. As a result, students intuitively seek out the theory and tools they need, which they then process and analyze to select an approach to help them tackle the tasks at hand”, says Barbar Akle, Campus Director of Holberton School New York.

Thanks to Holberton’s strong and reliable partnership with the Lebanese American University (LAU), which is a leading nonsectarian private higher education institution based in Lebanon with a satellite campus in New York City, Holberton School New York will open its campus in midtown Manhattan, a couple of blocks away from the Grand Central Station and the United Nations headquarters.

“With the launch of a campus on the East Coast, in partnership with LAU, Holberton School moves into one of the most dynamic and innovative cities of the world, next to Tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter! We’re looking forward to welcoming students from all walks of life to this brand-new location!,” says Florian Bucher, CEO of the Holberton Network

About Lebanese American University
The Lebanese American University is a leading nonsectarian private higher education institution based in Lebanon, with a satellite campus in New York City. It traces its origins back to a school for girls started by an American missionary in 1835, marking an important shift in education for women in the Levant and the surrounding region. It operates under a charter from the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York and is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

About Holberton School HQ
The Holberton School Network educates tomorrow's tech talent through an innovative, collaborative, and hands-on methodology, with high-quality tech programs straight from Silicon Valley. Since launching its first cohort in 2016 in San Francisco, CA, USA, more than 3,500 students have joined Holberton School at its 25 campuses around the world (five in Europe, 13 in the Americas, four in Africa, one in the Middle East, and two in Oceania). Holberton School also operates as a white label or franchise to make high-quality education accessible everywhere.

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