Job Openings Will Further Expand Omics Division’s Vision of Personalized Medicine

Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA), Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rajant Health Incorporated (RHI), developer of cutting-edge technology to provide health insights on-demand, has opened more employment opportunities within its Trovomics division to shape the future of health. Trovomics, a modern and intuitive platform that transforms omics data into highly interactive and customizable visualizations, seeks to expand its current analysis capabilities with fresh talent. Four employment opportunities are available: Computational Biologist, Full Stack Developer, Sales Engineer, and Front End Developer.

RHI was born from the need for unprecedented innovation during the COVID pandemic. RHI CEO Robert Schena began thinking about how to apply Artificial Intelligence to the engineering, logistics, and distribution he had established within Rajant Corporation (RHI’s parent company). “Since RHI’s vision has evolved into something beyond COVID, it now tackles the gaps in healthcare on a larger scale,” shares Mr. Schena. “RHI’s vision is to create a healthcare assurance ecosystem that enables proactive monitoring and personalized medicine instead of reactive, generalized healthcare. To reach this vision, RHI has assembled a diverse team of scientists from numerous disciplines to build unique and innovative technologies from scratch where there was no existing legacy system. Fortifying the vision requires adding more talent to the robust Trovomics team.”

Trovomics’ goal is to become the go-to global resource for tangible health-related insights from omics data that is accessible to researchers, health professionals, and everyday individuals by applying a holistic approach to healthcare and biomedical research. According to Spyros Manganas, Ph.D., Senior AI Scientist at Trovomics, “It is very nice to collaborate with people of various backgrounds who bring different ideas. I like knowing that the work I’m doing here is producing results that matter to people everywhere.”

Team values include:

  • Quality of products and services
  • Uniqueness & creativity of approach
  • Excitement for science and technology
  • Simplicity & clarity to be accessible for all
  • Togetherness & connections for building a healthier community

Dr. Manganas adds, “Working at RHI seamlessly integrates into your life, much like we hope our products seamlessly integrate into research and healthcare. We foster a balanced environment where every employee can grow, thrive, and feel valued.”

Job descriptions and how to apply can be found in the Careers section of the website. Also featured is a video about the culture and team within RHI. Watch now.


About Trovomics

Trovomics is Rajant Health Incorporated’s (RHI) omics analysis service that dramatically accelerates research involving omics data. On Trovomics’ online interface, raw sequencing data can be uploaded, processed, and returned to researchers as dynamic, interactive, and real-time customizable graphical representations in under 48 hours. This service greatly increases the speed that researchers can receive results and, via our interactive interface, draw conclusions about their experiments. Follow Trovomics on Twitter @RajantHealthInc.

About RHI

Rajant Health Incorporated (RHI), based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is the developer of cutting-edge technology to provide on-demand health insights. RHI’s intelligent products make raw data understandable and actionable for researchers, healthcare providers, and everyday users, so individuals can live better healthier lives. Revolutionizing health discovery on a global scale is RHI’s mission.


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