Toronto-based Beaver Bitcoin launches weekly bitcoin buys for Canadians

Eliminates risks associated with custodial exchanges by delivering bitcoin directly to customers

TORONTO, Dec. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marking its official launch today, Beaver Bitcoin is a non-custodial exchange that allows Canadians to set up an automatic weekly bitcoin purchase, directly from their bank account. From now until the end of the year customers can try the service for free.

A popular buying strategy that avoids speculation in a volatile market, the goal of an automatic weekly purchase is simple: accumulate more bitcoin over time. Beaver’s chosen method of delivering bitcoin directly to customers adheres to Bitcoin’s core value of self-custody and eliminates the risks associated with custodial exchanges.

“We’ve seen how custodial exchanges can misuse customer funds to engage in highly risky trades. When these exchanges collapse and declare bankruptcy, customers lose everything,” said Aubrey Jesseau, founder and CEO of Beaver Bitcoin. “We see an opportunity to serve Canadians in a way that existing platforms and exchanges have not. We’ve streamlined the experience of buying bitcoin, making it accessible to the next wave of bitcoin adopters in Canada.”

The non-custodial exchange operates by delivering bitcoin to a bitcoin address controlled by the customer, immediately once it is purchased - the exchange never holds bitcoin on behalf of the customer.

An exceptional user experience that appeals to both beginner and seasoned Bitcoiners, Beaver Bitcoin customers can choose their weekly bitcoin buy amount in Canadian dollars, track the status of bank transfers and completed purchases, and pause or cancel their buy at any time. For receiving and holding bitcoin, the company recommends new users try the mobile bitcoin wallet BlueWallet, available in app stores.

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