CableLabs confirms dramatic 10G innovation advancements in 2022

From technological developments to new experiences and applications, the promise of 10G is accelerating toward reality

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Dec. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CableLabs®, the leading innovation and research and development lab for the cable industry, has made a significant impact with innovations achieved in 2022 that are making 10G a reality. These recent advancements, including reaching 9 gigabits per second (Gbps) downstream capacity and 6 Gbps upstream capacity with DOCSIS® 4.0 technology, support the key tenets of 10G — speed, latency, reliability and security — and the realization of the next era of broadband connectivity.

Launched in 2019, the 10G platform is the next-generation broadband network that will be capable of delivering internet speeds of 10 gigabits per second, with incredibly low latency and uninterrupted connectivity. A recent survey by NCTA found that, among tech-savvy adults aware of 10G, 94% feel positively about the initiative, an 8% increase from 2021. 

CableLabs members contributed significant advancements in both speed and reliability, including successfully testing a prototype 10G modem in lab trials and announcing the introduction of symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds in 2023. In addition, CableLabs members continue to support the development of a 10G-capable, fiber-based network via financial and infrastructure investments.

“Over the past 12 months, we've gained significant ground and helped facilitate the recent burst of innovation surrounding the creation of 10G,” said Phil McKinney, CableLabs president and CEO. “CableLabs has collaborated with forward-thinking members and vendors to research and develop the network of the future that will support the next generation of innovation. Our work every day brings us closer to 10G.”

In 2022, CableLabs reached numerous 10G platform milestones, including the following advancements:

  • CableLabs 10G Showcase: The CableLabs 10G Showcase highlighted the capability of DOCSIS 4.0 technology to support 9 Gbps downstream capacity and 6 Gbps upstream capacity, as demonstrated by multiple operators and supporting equipment providers at the showcase.
  • Convergence proof-of-concept demonstration: At SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo 2022, CableLabs demonstrated network-as-a-platform concepts and the power of a converged network running on virtualized infrastructure to improve scalability and reliability as part of the CableLabs 10G Lab initiative. This confirmed the ability to use the same application interface to temporarily increase a customer’s network speed, regardless of the type of network (e.g., DOCSIS technology, PON or wireless).
  • Successful interoperability: CableLabs and its subsidiary, Kyrio®, with support from Comcast, Apple and Google, organized the world’s first interoperability event to test and refine implementations and demonstrate Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable Throughput (L4S) technology applications, laying the groundwork for a 10G-powered metaverse
  • Standards and specifications: Ensuring interoperability and developing standards is paramount so that hardware and software produced by different vendors will work together and networks can easily share information. This year, CableLabs and its subsidiary, SCTE, submitted several specifications published as standards. These advancements free vendors to innovate on the modules placed into fiber nodes, support the rollout of DOCSIS 4.0 technology and cement it as an international standard.
  • Point-to-Point Coherent Optics (P2PCO) validation: CableLabs validated the interoperability and performance of its P2PCO PHYv2.0 specification, which supports the speed and higher capacity infrastructure necessary to deliver 10G.
  • 10G Challenge: CableLabs, on behalf of the cable industry, organized and executed a first-of-its-kind technology challenge aimed to encourage innovators to develop applications that work on the near-future 10G network. The winning technologies focused on utilizing the improved speed, security, reliability and low latency of the 10G network to enhance how we live, work, learn and play. The six winning ideas illustrated substantial real-world use cases for the technology.
  • 5G Challenge: CableLabs served as the host laboratory for the 5G Challenge, presented by NTIA’s Institute for Telecommunication Sciences in collaboration with the Department of Defense. CableLabs provided the standalone 5G network on the 10G lab platform and engineering capability to integrate multiple 5G O-RAN vendors focusing on conformance, interoperability and performance metrics on-site.

In addition, NCTA partnered with the Future Today Institute to explore how 10G will transform our lives. The research, and subsequent white papers, focus on the impact of 10G across four key critical industries: agriculture, health care, education and entertainment. 

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