Frontline Education Releases White Paper Highlighting How K-12 School Leaders Use Analytics to Support Strategic Financial Planning

White paper offers actionable strategies on how to evaluate data to gain budgeting insights

Malvern, Pa., Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Frontline Education, a leading provider of administration software purpose-built for educators in K-12, today announced the release of Evaluating Key Data to Ensure Long-term Fiscal Strength. The white paper, developed by the Frontline Research & Learning Institute, analyzes three factors that can impact district budgets: changes in revenue, changes in student population and changes in staffing, and presents data and analytics as a tool that school leaders can use to track and maintain an organization’s financial stability.

K-12 school districts, similar to other businesses, run their organizations adhering to financial operating principles ensuring that all expenses fit within their budget. While it can be challenging to predict revenue and expenditures in a dynamic market such as K-12 education, affected by local, state and federal influences, district business leaders have an essential role in managing financial resources by considering future events and scenarios that may impact budgets in the long term. Leveraging data from the Frontline Research & Learning Institute and Frontline’s Analytics solutions, this white paper focuses on key aspects that contribute to a balanced budget, indicators to track and how data and analytics can support a district’s financial strength.  

“With K-12 staff across the country juggling a host of priorities in order to deliver on their educational mission, it’s important to have access to insights and tools that support decision-making, especially when it comes to complex financial planning and spending strategies, said Elizabeth Combs, Managing Director of Frontline Research and Learning Institute. “In addition to supporting the K-12 community with innovative technology that enhances operational efficiency, we provide data-driven research, resources and observations to help school leaders address some of the most important topics facing K-12 education today. Our intention with this paper is to support K-12 organizations in achieving their financial goals.”

The Frontline Analytics suite which includes student, financial, geovisual and comparative analytics, helps K–12 educational leaders leverage district, demographic and peer data to develop future-focused strategies for managing limited resources, achieving educational outcomes and improving academic ROI in today’s challenging budget environment.

The new white paper Evaluating Key Data to Ensure Long-term Fiscal Strength can be downloaded here. To read more of the Institute’s research, including a recent series dedicated to the K-12 staff shortage, visit here.




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