Consumer Alert: Lowey Dannenberg, P.C. Investigates Telehealth Apps and Providers for Violating State and Federal Privacy Laws

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lowey Dannenberg P.C., a preeminent law firm in obtaining redress for consumers, is investigating claims against several leading Telehealth Apps and Websites for violation of state and federal privacy laws.

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What Happened and What Information Was Involved:

Telehealth encompasses all online or mobile health providers. The number of telehealth providers exploded during the Covid-19 Pandemic, including popular providers like “Betterhelp,” “Favor,” “Dorsal,” “Monument Health,” and “Eleanor Health.”

Many of these companies collect and share users’ sensitive health information, like answers to health questionnaires, with third parties, including some of the largest advertising and social media companies in the world like Meta and TikTok. The disclosure of sensitive medical information to third parties without consent constitutes a violation of users’ privacy and violates several state and federal laws.

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