IoT Sensors in Healthcare Market is growing from its present value of US$ 7.3 Bn to US$ 27.6 Bn by 2032 | According to PMR

Market Study on IoT Sensors in Healthcare: Increasing Adoption of Wearable Devices to Aid Market Expansion

New York, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global IoT Sensors in Healthcare Market is valued at US$ 3.8 Bn in 2022 and is anticipated to touch US$ 12.5 Bn by 2032, expanding at a high-value CAGR of 12.6% from 2022 to 2032 (forecast period).

The patient monitoring segment accounts for 33.5% share of the global market. Moreover, the United States enjoys 20.3% share of the IoT sensors in healthcare market at present. The IoT Sensors in Healthcare Market is rapidly developing as healthcare organizations look for ways to leverage IoT technology in order to improve patient outcomes. IoT sensors can be used for a variety of healthcare applications, enabling the continuous monitoring of vital signs and pushing information to doctors, nurses, and other key stakeholders. IoT sensors are also being used to collect data from medical devices, such as glucose monitors, pacemakers, and X-ray machines. This data can be used to better understand patient health status and provide more personalized treatments.

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IoT sensors are changing the way health care is delivered by providing real-time measurement of vital signs and alerting providers when abnormalities are detected. IoT sensors can help detect conditions like heart attack or stroke before they become life-threatening. IoT sensors can also be used for remote patient monitoring, allowing providers to monitor at-risk patients without requiring them to come into the hospital. This technology enables providers to respond quickly in the event that a critical condition arises, potentially saving lives.

“COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerated Usage of IoT Sensors in Healthcare”

The COVID-19 outbreak caused significant changes in the healthcare sector. Many hospitals and diagnostic centres have started implementing IoT-based solutions to lessen the risk of infection while diagnosing or treating patients.

According to the World Health Organization, smart medical devices such rings and bracelets from Cloud-AI-enabled Mind will be used by patients and medical personnel at a field hospital in Wuhan, China, in 2020. Such wearable technology was employed to monitor vital signs in infected people during the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic, including blood oxygen levels, temperature, heart rate, and more.

In addition, the government rushed fast to adopt new technology including artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, and blockchain due to the virus's rising spread and a lack of medical workers. Such technologies enabled physicians to assess, evaluate, and treat patients from afar. These factors had a positive impact on the global IoT sensors in healthcare market.

Furthermore, many IoT-based healthcare solution companies invested in providing smart technologies to protect front-line staff, bolstering global IoT sensors in healthcare market growth.

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Key Companies-

  • JTAG Technologies
  • Testonica Lab.
  • ASSET InterTech.
  • Acculogic Inc.
  • Flynn Systems Corporation
  • Etoolsmiths
  • XJTAG Limited
  • CORELIS (EWA Technologies)
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Others.

IoT Sensors in Healthcare Market By Segmentation-

IoT Sensors in Healthcare Market By Application:

  • Patient Monitoring
  • Diagnostics
  • Clinical Efficiency
  • Other Applications

IoT Sensors in Healthcare Market By End User:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Residential
  • Other End Users

IoT Sensors in Healthcare Market By Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Oceania
  • Middle East & Africa

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