ISRI Launches Docuseries Exploring Innovative “Jobs of Tomorrow” in the Recycled Materials Industry

Six-Episode Series focuses on skills, technology, and sustainability efforts in recycling

Washington, DC, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A groundbreaking docuseries released by ISRI, the Voice of the Recycling Industry®, goes behind the scenes to explore the opportunities and future of the recycled materials industry. Viewers learn firsthand about new and innovative fields in the recycled materials industry from people living those careers every day.

“This is a really exciting way to showcase how the recycled materials industry provides the materials that make everyday items and essential infrastructure people depend on,” said ISRI Vice President of Communications Mark Carpenter. “It also explores topics that matter in developing the workforce of today and tomorrow including sustainability, the growing use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics, and data security. For people interested in careers focused on innovation and creating a more sustainable planet it is an opportunity to see all that this industry offers. These are truly the jobs of tomorrow.”

Each of the six episodes focuses on different aspects of the technology and innovation that is driving the recycled materials industry forward, and the careers that are part of these developments. The series features interviews with people serving in roles such as executive leadership, economics, sustainability, communications, plant operations, and beyond. They work for recycling facilities, brands, trade associations, equipment manufacturers, and more.

The “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries is available for viewing on ISRI Studios:

Episode 1: Recycling Today, Building Tomorrow

Episode 2: Designing with the End in Mind

Episode 3: Technology and Recycling

Episode 4: Closing the Circuit – Recycling Electronics

Episode 5: Recycling for a Sustainable Future

Episode 6: Progress and Innovation

View the Jobs of Tomorrow Docuseries.

Planning is currently underway for the next season of “Jobs of Tomorrow.” For information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Jason Glei.


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