New Apprenticeship Launches Self-Starter Pathway to Meet Employer Needs for Cost-Efficient Workforce Development Model

San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Apprenticeship (NEW), a Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship program announced that it will launch the “Self-Starter” Apprenticeship in order to meet growing tech employer needs. 

Despite the attention-grabbing headlines of notable tech layoffs, CompTIA’s Tech Jobs Report, based on recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that tech companies added 14,400 workers last month, up 207,200 this year. Still, employers are looking for cost-efficient hiring models to hedge against future economic uncertainty. “The era of talent acquisition has given way to the era of talent development,” says Cindy Schaefer, Partnership Development at New Apprenticeship. “Employers are building internal pipelines and fostering loyalty through agile learning-infused career pathways. The apprenticeship Self-Starter path provides the perfect framework—the rigor of DOL training standards at the speed of tech business.”

This new learning path removes traditional barriers for underrepresented talent to start a full-time career in tech, while providing employers with a cost-efficient workforce development model that bridges the skills gap. Specifically, employers benefit from:

  • Pre-employment training that ensures talent is Day 1 ready for tech roles
  • Customizable, off-the-job skills training designed for the specific job responsibilities
  • On-demand start dates aligned with company hiring needs
  • 1-on-1 technical and leadership development, enabling apprentices to accelerate their growth and on-the-job performance
  • Long-term pipeline development of diverse talent

Self-Starter apprenticeships have been created for a variety of high-demand tech roles, including cloud specialist, data analyst, software engineer, ServiceNow developer, program manager and cybersecurity specialist. Each apprentice is supported by technical instructors, performance and leadership coaches, mentors and dedicated support staff, and receives a competency-based US Department of Labor Apprenticeship certification upon completion of the 12-18 month program. 

For more information about apprenticeships, please visit or request a discovery call to discuss alignment. 

About New Apprenticeship

Founded in 2016 in San Antonio, TX, New Apprenticeship partners with employers nationally to transform lives by bridging the gap between what schools teach and only experience can bring.  Offering programs not only in IT, digital marketing, cloud computing, and data analytics, NEW offers a unique approach to both learning and hiring. The organization continues providing talent for employers in need of a skilled, adaptable, and future-ready workforce. NEW’s experience-based learning and performance coaching system equips talent with the skills they need to accelerate their careers and provides employers with highly qualified and productive talent, creating future leaders in tech. For more information visit: Employers can learn more about NEW’s talent solution here.

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