Synaptics’ Emza Visual Sense AI Powers Human Presence Detection in Latest Dell and Panasonic Mobile PCs

Ultra-low-power, machine learning (ML) algorithms analyze user and on-looker behavior to conserve power while enhancing privacy and security

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Synaptics® Incorporated (Nasdaq: SYNA) announced today that Dell and Panasonic have deployed its Emza Visual Sense artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enable Human Presence Detection (HPD) in their latest Latitude and SR mobile PCs, respectively. Running advanced Emza ML algorithms on dedicated, ultra-low power edge AI hardware, Synaptics provides PC OEMs with a turnkey solution that enables both longer battery life and enhanced privacy and security. By analyzing context, Synaptics’ technology goes far beyond basic presence detection to automatically wake the system when a user is engaged, dim the screen when they are not, hide information when an on-looker is detected, and lock the PC when the user walks away—all while the PC’s webcam is off.

CES 2023: To see the latest demonstration of Emza Visual Sense and HPD, visit us in the Venetian Hotel, Level 2 Exhibitor, Bellini Ballroom, #2105. Email for an appointment.

“By using Emza Visual Sense AI for HPD, Dell and Panasonic are leading an era of context-aware computing that will combine multiple sensing modes with edge AI to enable user-friendly, efficient, and secure intelligent platform experiences,” said Saleel Awsare, SVP & GM at Synaptics. “We are as excited for our partners as they embark on this journey as we are for the end users who will quickly reap the benefits.”

Both the Dell Latitude laptop and Panasonic SR notebook are shipping today.

Synaptics’ KatanaTM AI SoC platform also pairs with Emza Visual Sense ML algorithms to form ultra-low power, highly intelligent computer vision platforms with broad deployability. Together, they expand HPD applications to devices beyond PCs and notebooks to include smart TVs and assisted living cameras.

Synaptics’ Emza Visual Sense technology is available now. For more information, contact your local Synaptics sales representative.

To see and learn more about Emza Visual Sense technology and its rapidly evolving capabilities, join us at CES 2023: email to make an appointment.

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