Lingoda Celebrates 2023 as the Year of Language Wins

The online language school is offering 30% off to new students until Jan. 31.

MIAMI, Jan. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lingoda, one of the top global online language schools, has launched a new brand campaign all about celebrating language wins. In a nutshell, a language win can be defined as any success - small or large - that a person experiences in their language learning journey. And whether that may be flawlessly ordering a coffee in German for the first time while on vacation in Berlin, or finally watching that Spanish-language Netflix show without subtitles, Lingoda's campaign seeks to transform those magical moments into a celebration of the wins that language learners experience every day. 

And to help language learners get a jump start on their language wins for 2023, Lingoda is offering 30% off the first month of classes to new students throughout the month of January. 

Lingoda's in-house team of experts designed the curriculum in such a way that students start building conversational confidence from day one - as this is one of the most difficult hurdles of learning a new language. The focus of each class is to get students speaking as much, and as soon, as possible. With plenty of time to practice in immersive online classes, Lingoda students will feel confident to go out into the real world and rack up endless language wins. In fact, 95% of language students say that they speak more confidently after learning with Lingoda. 

The pace at which language wins will occur can also be determined by every student individually. The learning intensity is entirely up to the student as Lingoda classes are available 24/7 to fit anyone's schedule at every level.

And with all Lingoda teachers vetted and hand-picked by an internal team of current and former language teachers, Lingoda ensures a high-quality experience in each class that will guide all Lingoda students to their next language win. 

"We know that learning a language is hard. So when you have those moments of 'success' it all becomes worth it. For our learners, a winning moment can come in all sizes - small, big or great," says Dominic Rowell, Lingoda CEO. "When you learn with Lingoda, there's no end to what you can accomplish. We don't stop at the first win and neither should you. It's all about progression, ambition and success. And with Lingoda, you can be confident that we have the expertise to help you achieve all those winning moments."


Lingoda is one of the top online language schools. Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2013, we provide convenient and accessible online language courses in German, English, Business English, French and Spanish to over 100,000 students worldwide. With almost 550,000 classes available per year and accessible 24/7, our mission is to build bridges around the world through language learning. 

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