UPDATE - IIBA and HRPA Announce Strategic Partnership

New Certificate Program Incorporates Business Analysis to Enhance HR Function, Improving Business Outcomes

TORONTO, Jan. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) and the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) are proud to announce their strategic partnership. HRPA, serving the Ontario Province, have been advocating for the human resources profession for over 40 years to ensure that HR professionals have the most up-to-date tools and advanced skills needed to lead workplaces into the future. IIBA, with 30,000 members around the world, is leading the global business analysis community and is shaping professional standards to achieve better outcomes through better analysis. 

Business analysis skills are strategically important to today’s CHRO tasked with taking on complex organizational challenges, as expectations of the HR function are increasing for advanced strategic thinking in defining solutions that deliver organizational value. HR needs a playbook of repeatable processes of uncovering the real business issues to solve, better techniques for determining solutions that are impactful, and a focused way of assembling compelling business cases that gain organizational support. To help HR professionals gain these skills, HRPA partnered with IIBA.

The partnership between IIBA and HRPA is a pivotal relationship that emphasizes the value of leveraging analysis and data to drive business decisions and optimize HR practices. Through the combination of cutting-edge research, industry insights, and best practices, this partnership helps to ensure that HR professionals have the necessary business analysis skills and knowledge to effectively lead their organizations into the future.  

“Coming into the post-pandemic era there is a need for workplaces to increase learning agility, simplify cumbersome people processes, radically transform the employee experience, and turn their attention to increased organizational effectiveness to evolve within the new world of work,” said Kris Tierney, Vice President HR and Learning, HRPA. “We wanted to offer our members a program built on the proven standards of IIBA and highlight for HR professionals the value of business analysis in remarkably improving enterprise outcomes.” 

To help the HR profession meet the challenges of this new world and lead at a higher level, HRPA in association with the IIBA have built the Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert program using the foundation of IIBA’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (IIBA-ECBA). This innovative course is a five-module certificate program designed to enable organizational change by empowering participants to identify opportunities, define needs, and recommend solutions to deliver stakeholder value in the Human Resources field. By the end of the program, participants will receive the Human Resources Solutions Certificate (HRSC) and be equipped to sit IIBA’s ECBA exam.   

“This program is focused on giving HR practitioners' practical business analysis tools to assist in navigating complex projects and change. These skills will set up HR diagnostics to be clear and strategic for your clients and leaders,” said Mary Madigan Lee, Chief People Officer, City of Toronto.   

“HRPA and IIBA realized business analysis skills needed to be stronger in HR professionals to support the pace of change faced by their members. The partnership with HRPA brings the value of business analysis to achieve better business outcomes to HR professionals in a way that is practical and resonates for their unique needs,” said Keith Ellis, Chief Engagement and Growth Officer, IIBA. “What makes this program so unique is that it provides a clear path for HR professionals to transform from being a service provider to being the solution designer, influencer, and change partner that top leadership requires.”  

73% of pilot participants felt they gained a sense of confidence to impact and influence change after completing the course.1 All participants believe that business analysis techniques and skills are essential to a high-functioning HR department. The tools learned within this program will help participants better use business analysis foundations to conduct comprehensive needs analyses, create evidence-based solutions, and support organizational transformation, employee development and performance management, succession planning, and other key practices. Participants will advance their careers by gaining the necessary skills to deliver value-creating solutions that meet stakeholder needs across the business. Individuals exiting the program report have a feeling of greater individual and team effectiveness in evolving core HR processes, as well as greater confidence, to tackle complex change initiatives. 

Follow the link below to register for the course:  
Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert 

Business analysis provides tremendous value to a wide range of industries and roles by helping organizations sense and enable change by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value. Join IIBA as a strategic partner and become part of a global network of experts who work towards delivering better outcomes through business analysis.  

To learn more about IIBA’s Strategic Partnerships please visit https://www.iiba.org/organizational-programs/strategic-partnerships/.  

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At the Human Resources Professionals Association, we believe that better HR makes business better. The HRPA ensures that our 24,000 members and students have the most up-to-date tools and the advanced skills to lead our workplaces into the future. We regulate HR professionals in the public interest. Our members are held to the province’s highest standards, so Ontario workplaces can trust us to help unlock business growth and optimize employee potential. Learn more at hrpa.ca.     

  1. Source: IIBA post course-assessment of pilot participants 

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