Livento Group (NUGN) Logistics Project Offering Initialization

New York, NY, Jan. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NuGene International, Inc./Livento Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: NUGN), a dynamic group that specializes in acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models in film, content, and technology for fund managers, announced the start of the Public Offering process for its logistics project “EuroDot”.

“The project has entered the final stages where all aspects of the deal and process are in place, and we are finalizing the legal and financial documents to list on via a Reg A listing. We decided to list in the American market because of investors’ interest and the further acquisitions that EuroDot plan for in the USA. At this moment we invite interested parties to participate through an expression of interest, so we build a strong base of initial investors,” commented David Stybr, Livento Group CEO. Investment enquiries and instructions can be found at the base of this press release

Key data:
Proposed Future Ownership structure of EuroDot:

  1. Current owners 65%,
  2. Livento Group 15%,
  3. Investors 20%

The first acquisition target has $14 million in revenues. As stated in previous releases the first company has signed a binding Heads of Terms to complete this transaction. A second logistics company has agreed on Heads of Terms to be acquired by EuroDot once the listing is complete. Both acquisitions are profitable and in line with industry norms. This company has revenues of $20 million. Both companies will be acquired for shares in the new holding. EuroDot targets $50 mil in revenues by 2024 and this will be reached through the use of proceeds from the offering by acquiring additional smaller targets in the USA and Europe. The 20% offered to investors is set with an initial share price of $0.5 per share.

The first two acquisition targets to create these parameters (to be confirmed by investment banks in the next weeks) have a valuation based using Discounted Cash Flow: $50 million.

During the next 2 weeks a detailed timeline of the whole process and exchange information, together with the valuation will be published and additional financial and deal data will be released. Livento Group as the deal originator is in the process of finalizing the details regarding the structure of the new holding. Livento group has engaged lawyers and an investment bank to proceed with and manage the whole process with a targeted completion in April 2023.

In addition to the deal detail above Livento Group has an ongoing management and consulting contract to work with EuroDot management in managing corporate administration and future acquisitions. Livento group will receive consulting fees as well as additional shares, so its stake increases to 18-20% during the next 24 months.

EuroDot Investment Enquires
To receive details, please send an email to providing your name, surname, address, and investment amount you might invest. This is not a legally binding invitation or offer, we will circulate the investment offer documents in the coming weeks to subscribed email addresses.

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