To Help Leaders Increase Their Impact, Global Leadership Development Firm AIIR Consulting is Offering January 31st Executive Presence Workshop

Philadelphia, PA, Jan. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global leadership development firm AIIR Consulting has announced an open-enrollment Executive Presence Workshop as the latest offering in their Executive Communications leadership development series. Led by world-class communication coach Jordyn Bennatar, this two-hour workshop will help participants become more engaging speakers and more inspiring leaders. Participants will learn proven ways to build their confidence as presenters, bolster their leadership capabilities, and build their personal leadership brands.

The two-hour virtual Executive Presence Workshop will be held on January 31st at 1 PM ET/10AM PT. Cost is $600 and interested parties can register here

Communication, specifically executive presence, is one of the most important skills for leaders today. Yet, 90% of people across industries say communication is a skill that their leaders lack, leaving their employees feeling unengaged and uninspired. AIIR’s Executive Presence workshop is a hands-on and results-focused program designed for today’s leaders. Combining classroom learning with intensive one-to-one instruction and peer-to-peer engagement, this workshop provides participants with maximum impact in a short period of time. 

“CHROs and HR leaders know the value of investing in their leadership, and given the challenging macro-environment it’s more important than ever,” said Andrew Smith, Head of Leadership Development at AIIR Consulting. “We know that leaders across industries and at every organizational level struggle to communicate effectively. And, the pandemic and subsequent move to a hybrid workplace has only made it worse. As one of our most-requested leadership development modules, we’ve used this two-hour Executive Presence Workshop to bolster the executive presence and boost the communication skills of countless leaders at top companies around the world. Now, we’re excited to open it to the public.”

Founded by CEO Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, AIIR Consulting is a global leadership consulting firm dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of leaders around the world. AIIR offers world-class executive coaching, leadership development, and team effectiveness powered by industry-leading technology and analytics.

AIIR primarily serves large global companies requiring an informed and seasoned trusted advisor to support their executive development and culture needs. The company’s international coaching community provides a unique combination of business experience and advanced business psychology to drive lasting behavioral change within leaders. Since the beginning of 2022, the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance has grown to more than 160 coaches around the world.

AIIR Consulting is a tech-enabled, people-powered leadership development firm with clients around the globe. Leveraging business psychology, a proprietary methodology, technology, and an international community of expert coaches and consultants, AIIR delivers high-impact solutions that help leaders and organizations navigate their challenges and shape a better future. Connect with us on LinkedIn, or learn more at



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