The First-Ever Gen Z Led and Founded Trend Innovation Agency Helping Companies Identify Growth Opportunities in Health, Wellness & Beauty

An agency with a vision to translate Gen Z trends into opportunities and inspire forward-thinking companies to meet customers' future expectations.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Founded by the 24 years old wellness, health & beauty futurist from Gen Z, Sophia Marc Nimb Lassen, ZO Communication was founded with the mission to help companies unlock growth opportunities in wellness, health & beauty, which Gen Z will represent.

During her master's in Luxury Brand Management, she witnessed how significantly her generation influences the future of wellness, health, and beauty. In contrast, companies need help to stay relevant in the industry. The lack of currently available insight led her to start ZO Communication.

ZO Communication is the first-ever Gen Z-led and -founded trend innovation agency led and run by Gen Z, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. ZO Communication help companies see tomorrow by understanding Gen Z.

Generation Z are the ultimate trendsetters, early adopters & innovators, with their habits influencing both younger & older generations. Generation Z's economic power is the fastest-growing worldwide, and this generation has been called the most disruptive generation ever.

To stay up-to-speed, ZO Communication investigates market shifts & trends that will emerge in health, beauty, and wellness due to Gen Z's rising economic power and uncover meaningful and profitable future business opportunities.

Being a Gen Z-led and -founded agency means that ZO Communication genuinely understands Gen Z's unique mindset and how this generation influences the future of wellness, health & beauty. The founder's mission is to have companies understand Gen Z's influential mindset and behavior directly from the next generation of consumers.

Being Gen Z led & founded means that ZO Communication deeply understands the mindset & shifts behind recent emerging Gen Z trends. The agency offer trends analysis services and innovation consulting that helps companies stay ahead of Gen Z beauty, wellness, and health trends.

ZO Communication has recently launched its Generation Z Redefining Beauty 2023 and Generation Z Redefining Wellness 2023 Trend Report, available on their website

Contact Information:
Sophia Marc Nimb Lassen
Founder ZO Communication

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Founder, Gen Z futurist Sophia Marc Nimb Lassen

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