Regency Centers Announces Tax Information for 2022 Distributions

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Regency Centers Corporation (The “Company”) (Nasdaq:REG) today announced the federal income tax treatment of its 2022 distributions to holders of its common stock.

Regency Centers Corporation Common Stock: Symbol REG CUSIP #: 758849103

Record DatePayable DateTotal Distribution Per ShareDistribution Allocated to 2022Total Ordinary DividendsQualified Dividends (Included in Total Ordinary Div)Section 199A Dividends(1)Total Capital Gain DistributionUnrecapt Section 1250 Gain Section 897 Ordinary DividendsSection 897 Capital GainNontaxable Distributions
TOTALS $3.15000$2.52900$2.52900$0.00000$2.52900$0.00000$0.00000$0.00000$0.00000$0.00000

(1) This amount represents dividends eligible for the 20% qualified business income deduction under Section 199A, and is included in Ordinary Dividends.

Please note, of the $0.62500 per share dividend declared for holders of record on December 16, 2021 and paid on January 5, 2022, $0.55200 was reported for income tax purposes in 2021 with the remaining $0.07300 reported for tax year 2022 as set forth in the above table.

Of the $0.65000 per share dividend declared for the holders of record on December 16, 2022 and paid on January 4, 2023, $0.58100 is reported for income tax purposes in 2022 with the remaining $0.0690 to be reported for tax year 2023.

This information is being provided to assist shareholders with tax reporting related to distributions made by the Company. Tax treatment of 2022 distributions is not necessarily indicative of taxability of future distributions, as tax treatment may change from year to year. The information provided herein should not be construed as tax advice or relied upon as such, and shareholders are encouraged to consult with their tax advisors as to tax treatment of the Company's distributions specific to their individual situations.

About Regency Centers Corporation (Nasdaq: REG)

Regency Centers is a preeminent national owner, operator, and developer of shopping centers located in suburban trade areas with compelling demographics. Our portfolio includes thriving properties merchandised with highly productive grocers, restaurants, service providers, and best-in-class retailers that connect to their neighborhoods, communities, and customers. Operating as a fully integrated real estate company, Regency Centers is a qualified real estate investment trust (REIT) that is self-administered, self-managed, and an S&P 500 Index member. For more information, please visit

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