Male Plus Naturally Combats the Effects of Alcohol on the Libido

Alcohol and Excessive Drinking Are Well-Known for Their Ability to Dampen Sexual Appetite. Male Plus Offers a Natural Solution.

Beverlo Beringen, BELGIUM

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tim Torfs, the creator of the natural male libido-enhancing product Male Plus, is aware of how important alcohol is for many people’s social lives. At the same time, he knows how much heavy drinking can mess with a person’s ability to be intimate.

“Alcohol is known as a diuretic and a depressant,” says the serial health and wellness entrepreneur who works with many clients through a wellness center and other businesses, “A little bit can grease the wheels for a good time, but too much alcohol will quickly start to work against you.” Everyday Health adds weight to the concept of alcohol as a bedroom “mood killer” by pointing out that heavy alcohol consumption can dampen a person’s mood, lower their sexual desire, and even make it hard for men to achieve erections and orgasms. Healthline cites multiple studies highlighting alcohol’s ability to decrease the sensitivity of the penis, limit blood flow, and potentially even lower testosterone levels.

Torf’s Male Plus formula is an ideal way to combat the effects of too much alcohol for those in search of a simple, natural solution. The supplement utilizes 100% natural active ingredients, including well-known libido enhancers like Tribulus Terrestris, maca root, and Siberian ginseng. Together, these can naturally improve blood flow in the body for days at a time, making it easier to get in (and stay in) the mood. (Keep in mind, these are natural solutions, not chemical-filled pharmaceuticals, and they can take hours to feel their initial effect.)

“No one should drink irresponsibly,” warns Torfs, “With that said, Male Plus is an effective way to naturally maintain your libido if you find that a drink or two tend to dampen your sexual appetite over the course of an evening. It ensures that you can continue to have a good time, not just when you’re out with friends, but when you come home to your bedroom, too.”

About Male Plus:
Male Plus is an herbal supplement that naturally reduces stress and supports libido. The Belgian brand was developed by Tim Torfs, a serial entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in the health and wellness industry. Torfs has spent time as a male beautician, opened a wellness center, and created his own slimming concept and line of nutritional supplements.
In September of 2021, Torfs released Male Plus, which combines three 100% natural herbal ingredients (Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, and Ginseng) as a natural alternative to chemical ED and libido-enhancing solutions. Male Plus is for men over 21. Consult with a doctor if you’re over 60 years old or are using hypertension or antidiabetic treatments.


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