Lumon Promotes Retractable Balcony Glazing Systems for Year-Round Use in Canadian Cities

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Covid pandemic has changed daily habits and activities in many ways, especially for those accustomed to long daily commutes who can now work from home. It is also changing how cities and buildings are planned and designed, with more road space devoted to cyclists and pedestrians, and driving and parking lanes converted to patios and seating areas.

According to Ben Togeretz, Vancouver Regional Manager for Lumon Canada, “As we approach the third anniversary of the Covid pandemic, an increasing number of companies are recognizing the importance of having a patio or balcony that’s usable year-round.”

Ben is well aware of this scenario since Lumon, an international company based in Finland with a manufacturing facility in Canada is one of many worldwide companies manufacturing glass panel systems to enhance outdoor patios and balconies.

These systems allow spaces to be ‘enclosed’ when it is raining or windy, and completely open when the weather is good. This is like a convertible car with a retractable top that can be up or down depending on the weather. Like some convertibles which allow tops to be partially opened, retractable panels can also be partially opened. Installations are possible in both new and existing buildings.

Lumon’s system, allow a balcony or patio to be protected when it is wet or windy, but completely open to the elements when the weather improves. This is different from conventional enclosed apartment balcony designs, which are essentially fixed with sliding windows, and therefore usually are included within a suite’s area or Floor Space Ratio (FSR).

These systems do not completely enclose a space since there is a need for narrow air gaps between the panels to allow them to be fully retractable. Consequently, the balcony does not become ‘conditioned space’, and municipalities across Canada and around the world do not count the size of a balcony with a glass panel installation within the suite area or FSR.

Coquitlam and the City of North Vancouver have taken a step to encourage balcony glass installations by modifying their zoning bylaws in fall 2021 and summer 2022. Within the City of Vancouver, the Building Code allows balcony glass systems, but most zones require the area of the balcony to be included in the FSR calculations. In 2020, Vancouver City Council voted unanimously to direct staff to explore zoning bylaw amendments to encourage the installation of balcony glass systems, but progress has been delayed due to other work priorities.

Lumon, a global company manufacturing glass panel systems for balconies, has noted the considerable benefits of balcony glass in terms of reduced energy costs, noise, and wind attenuation, reduced pollution, and making balconies more usable year-round. They plan to continue discussions with officials at the City of Vancouver to encourage regulatory changes that will allow more year-round balcony glass installations. As more balcony glass installations are completed and appreciated by homeowners and renters, there is increased interest from architects and developers wanting to incorporate retractable balcony glass panels in their new and existing developments.

Lumon officials are therefore interested in meeting with other municipal officials and politicians wanting to implement regulatory changes to encourage more year-round use of balconies in their city or jurisdiction.

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