FBN® Partners with Boveta Nutrition™ to Launch Proprietary Feeding System for Beef Cattle to Reduce Feeding Costs in the Beef Industry

SAN CARLOS, Calif., Jan. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Farmers Business Network (FBN®), the global AgTech platform and farmer-to-farmer network today announced FBN Livestock has partnered with Boveta Nutrition™​​ to deliver a proprietary feeding system for beef cattle that improves feed efficiency and carcass yield while reducing methane gas emissions and wet waste.

“With our optimized feeding algorithms, producers get more planned beef production from less feed, meaning a reduction in costs and an increase in profit potential,” says Rod Jones, co-founder and chairman of Boveta Nutrition. “In addition, beef cattle that follow the Boveta diet see a reduction in methane gas production.”

Boveta Nutrition’s optimized feed formulation ensures nutrients are being delivered more precisely so cattle consume less feed yet maintain, or even increase, their gain or milk production.

Ben Row, farm manager at Talcott Land and Cattle outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, participated in an FBN-managed independent study of the Amino balancing program. “Our cost of gain is around $0.71 now. We were at about $1.20 before so that’s a big drop. Plus, the health of the cattle and their overall performance has gone up greatly,” says Row. “Everything is growing better because it’s the right nutrition to grow them the right way.”

“Amino acid balancing has been a standard nutritional practice in the swine and poultry industries to drive margin and animal growth but we haven't been able to solve the riddle with beef cattle until now,” says Dr. Monty Kerley, FBN’s Senior Ruminant Nutritionist. “After decades, we finally believe we’re able to deliver this solution to beef producers and its unique potential to decrease feed costs while maintaining optimal growth.”

The proprietary algorithm from Boveta is initially available to FBN cattle operators in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota and South Dakota, with plans to expand nationally and internationally. A team of experienced FBN nutritionists, led by Dr. Monty Kerley, will help bring the industry-leading system to the market.

"With feed costs on the rise, we know just how important it is to bring an innovation to this sector that truly benefits our livestock producers. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Boveta to help change the beef feed industry," says Luiz Beling, president of FBN Direct.

Boveta has conducted a series of research studies and found:

  • Backgrounding cattle on a forage diet showed a $0.20/lb. cost of gain advantage when on Boveta’s balanced diet supplement.[1]
  • Cattle on Boveta’s amino acid balanced finishing diet consumed 15% less feed, maintained daily gain, delivering an average savings of $0.07 per pound gained.[2] 
  • A large commercial feedlot study produced a $30/head advantage for steers on the Boveta diet.[3]

“Our studies clearly demonstrate the economic benefits of our system. It’s exciting because we’re delivering on our goal of enabling livestock operations to function more efficiently and profitably while minimizing feed waste and lowering the environmental footprint of meat and milk production,” says Greg Mills, president and CEO of Boveta Nutrition.

The Boveta optimized diet improves income over feed costs and reduces methane by 8-12%. In addition, roughage can be scaled back from beef feedlot diets to further decrease input costs and reduce methane up to 30% or more in a healthy and practical way.

The reduction in feed costs is significant for many ranchers who continue to face higher fertilizer and corn prices. According to the USDA Economic Research Service, prices for beef cattle feed were up 16% in May 2022 relative to May 2021.

FBN nutritionists are offering a feed consultation to assess each operation's unique needs and provide the correct supplement to optimize gains. For more information, email feed@farmersbusinessnetwork.com or enter your information at https://fbn.farm/boveta-diet.

To review the entire beef and dairy study results, visit boveta.com.


1“Balancing the Amino Acid Requirements of Backgrounding Calves Increases Profits,” October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021. Boveta research under grant from the United Soybean Board: Report Date: October 29, 2021
2 “Balancing Corn-based Diets with Soybean Protein to Meet Amino Acid Requirements Improves the Growth Performance of Finishing Beef Calves,” Boveta research under grant from the United Soybean Board: Report Date: November 4, 2022.
3 “Effect of Formulating Diets for Amino Acid Requirement on Performance and Carcass Value of Beef Cattle in Feedlots,” Boveta/Johnson research trial 2019-2020.

Testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. Results may vary. FBN merchandise was provided in recognition of testimonials. Members were told in advance they might be featured in an ad. Animal performance is not guaranteed. Changes in composition of feeds, methods of feeding, environment and general management will affect performance.

About Boveta Nutrition:

Boveta Nutrition was co-founded by Rodney Jones and Dr. Monty Kerley to provide science-based improvements in cattle feeding in order to generate higher profits for farmers, producers and feedlot operators. Based on years of scientific research, Boveta created a patent-pending algorithm to identify diet deficiencies and create better formulated diets, incorporating targeted proteins that meet the energy and amino acid requirements of beef cattle and dairy cows. Research has shown that the Boveta system creates more efficient feed conversion and generates optimum milk production and lean carcass growth while reducing overfeeding, solid waste and methane output. This increases income over feed costs while creating sustainability. Boveta has also developed patent-pending software to assist in diet evaluation and correction and a patent-pending process for production of superior bypass protein products to enhance dairy and beef production. For more information, visit boveta.com

About FBN:

Farmers Business Network® (FBN®) is an independent AgTech platform and farmer-to-farmer network with a mission to power the prosperity of family farmers around the world while working towards a sustainable future. Its Farmers First® promise has attracted over 55,000 members to the network with a common goal of helping farmers maximize their farm’s profit potential with data and technology enabled direct-to farmer commerce, community and sustainability offerings.

FBN has set out to redefine value and convenience for farmers by helping reduce the cost of production and maximize the value of their crops. The FBN network has grown to cover more than 117 million acres of member farms in the US, Canada, and Australia. Blending the best of Midwestern agricultural roots and Silicon Valley technology, the company has over 900 personnel and principal offices in San Carlos, CA, Chicago, IL, Sioux Falls, SD, a Canadian Headquarters in High River, Alberta, and an Australian Headquarters in Perth with significant warehouse and logistics, remote and field employees across the US, Canada and Australia. To learn more, visit: www.fbn.com.

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