Burpee Announces New 2023 Garden Innovations

2023 Season Kicks Off with Release of Exclusive Offerings Across Vegetable, Flower, Herb and Fruit Varieties

WARMINSTER, Pa., Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Burpee, the trusted leader and source of all things gardening for 147 years, introduces 67 brand-new trailblazing innovations for the 2023 season. Leading the pack are:

'Vivacious' Tomato

‘Vivacious’ Hybrid Tomato: This Burpee-bred super-fruit breakthrough is a feast for the eyes. ‘Vivacious’ spent five years in development before its debut this year. This superstar tomato’s luscious, orange-scarlet fruits are prodigies of magical color, meaty texture, sweet, balanced flavor, and out-of-this-world nutrition. These oval-shaped fruits are power-packs of Vitamin A (beta-carotene). Each ‘Vivacious‘ tomato delivers:

  • 40% of daily intake of Vitamin A in one tomato*
  • Vitamin A promotes eye health and glowing skin
  • 70 bright beautiful fruits per plant for both fresh eating and cooking
  • Meaty yet juicy with balanced sweetness and acidity

'Crème Brûlée' Sunflower

‘Crème Brûlée’ Sunflower: This sunflower is bound to be the sweetest, most refined sunflower in your garden. Its elegant crowns of golden-yellow petals surround fluffy, amber-bronze centers -- a floral reflection of the caramelized sugar atop the dessert classic ‘crème brûlée’. With a bushy branch habit, these mid-sized 4-5’ plants yield a continuous bounty of blooms perfect for viewing, cutting, and pollinating.

'Rise and Shine' Squash

‘Rise and Shine’ Squash: Things are looking up for small-space squash lovers. Recently viral on social media, this revolutionary, vertical-growing variety gives you tasty, bright-yellow fruits. Ideally configured for small gardens and patios, the bushy 4’ tall plants spread about 3’. These gorgeous 4-8” spineless fruits are saturated with a big, rich, buttery flavor.

'Two Tasty' Tomato

‘Two Tasty’ Hybrid Tomato: This two-bite cherry tomato stands out for its virtuoso flavor. The fruits’ color matrix of sweet rich-red and savory purple-black notes impart a third bonus flavor, unlike any other large cherry tomato. It yields clusters of firm, juicy, round 1 ½-2” tomatoes and was voted best-tasting tomato out of hundreds rated by Burpee interns.

‘Bliss’ Hybrid Tomato: These almond-shaped, lightly sweet 1 oz. tomatoes ripen to a dazzling yellow with unique green stripes. ‘Bliss’ hybrid tomatoes are snackable fruits that are irresistible fresh off the vine. These heavily yielding plants offer a happy windfall of tomatoes from the height of summer until frost.

'Party Time' Cucumber

‘Party Time’ Cucumber: These sweet, seedless, fun-size 4” cucumbers with thin skins are perfect for party trays or as grab-and-go lunch box bites. A favorite for containers and small gardens, these easy-to-grow plants produce 30-40 cucumbers per plant. Pick basketfuls of spineless mini cukes for snacking all summer long.

‘Fignomenal’ Fig: Pick sweet figs from patio-sized trees. ‘Fignomenal’ yields delicious fruits year-round, both indoors and outdoors. These dwarf plants max out around 30” tall and offer an abundance of rich-brown, medium-sized figs with reddish interiors and honeyed flavor. Small-space gardening just got sweeter.

“As a gardening innovator since 1876, Burpee has originated many of America’s best-known vegetable, flower, fruit, and herb garden varieties,” notes George Ball, executive chairman and proprietor of Burpee. “This year is no exception. Our star offering for 2023, the radiant orange ‘Vivacious’ tomato stands out for color, flavor, and nutrition. We can’t wait for our loyal band of gardeners to experience ‘Vivacious’.”

For a complete list of new vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit, and gardening supplies for 2023, visit www.burpee.com/new/. Follow Burpee on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest news and trends.

About Burpee Gardening

A recognized leader and trailblazer in American home gardening, Burpee offers a full range of high-quality non-GMO plants, seeds, and supplies suited for all growing zones. Established as W. Atlee Burpee Company in 1876, Burpee provides gardeners with high-quality seeds and plants of proven performance, including organics, heirlooms, and exceptional new varieties. Burpee is home to the original ‘Iceberg’ lettuce (1894), the first white marigold (1976) and the biggest beefsteak tomato ever bred (2014).

Headquartered in Warminster, PA, Burpee breeds and trials plants at its nearby landmark facility, Fordhook Farm, in Doylestown PA. New and seasoned gardeners can rely on the Garden Guide at Burpee.com for incisive articles packed with horticulturalists’ insights and tips on growing. For more information, visit Burpee.com

* An average Vivacious tomato (120g) contains about 360 mcg of vitamin A, which is 40% of recommended daily value.


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