2022 Smart City Solution Growth Opportunities Report: Featuring Alibaba, Honeywell, Huawei, Siemen, ABB and Smart City Startups

Dublin, Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Smart City Solution Growth Opportunities" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This study focusses on smart city solutions. It includes an updated overview of the structure of smart city operations, a smart city's constituent parts, applications of smart city solutions, and the challenges these solutions face.

The study offers a global view of the smart city solution provider market and includes the technology and regulatory landscape of smart city project implementations.

It also looks at the near-term outlook and the future trends that are visible in this industry. As part of the product analysis, the study deep-dives into the offerings of the largest market participants. As the market has expanded over the last few years, the solutions being offered are more mature with enhanced capabilities.

The analyst also looks at technology companies that provide a one-stop shop integrated smart city solution to small companies that focus on certain segments of the smart city value chain.

The study includes a benchmarking of these providers' products. The market is expected to grow rapidly as government regulations are making it necessary for cities to employ technology to reduce their carbon footprint, decrease service cost, and boost residents' safety and security. A detailed analysis of the market situation and the participants is provided, and the study is a useful starting point for anyone looking at this market.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Strategic Imperatives

2. Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Scope of Analysis
  • Smart City Solutions - Definition
  • Smart City Integrated Platform - An Overview
  • Growth Drivers
  • Growth Restraints
  • Smart City Solutions - Main Layers
  • Technology Landscape
  • Transport Landscape
  • Regulatory Landscape
  • Infrastructure Landscape
  • Crucial Success Factors
  • Benchmarking of Solution Providers
  • Partnership and Stakeholder Strategies for Innovation
  • Current and Future Outlook

3. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Alibaba

  • Alibaba's Smart City Solutions - An Overview
  • Alibaba's Structure and Positioning
  • Alibaba's Partner Ecosystem
  • Alibaba's Smart City Solutions - Select Cities

4. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Honeywell

  • Honeywell City Suite - An Overview
  • Honeywell City Suite - Technology Overview
  • Honeywell City Suite - Mobility Applications
  • Honeywell City Suite - City Utility Applications
  • Honeywell City Suite - City Safety Applications
  • Honeywell City Suite - Smart Governance Applications
  • Honeywell City Suite - Operations Center
  • Honeywell City Suite - A Leader in the Indian Market

5. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Huawei

  • Huawei ICT - Overview
  • Huawei Smart City - Integrated Operations Center
  • Huawei Smart City Devices Portfolio
  • Huawei Smart City Case Study - Gelsenkirchen
  • Huawei Smart City Case Study - Shenzhen

6. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Siemen

  • Siemen Smart City - MindSphere
  • Siemen CyPT - City Performance Tool
  • Siemen CyAM - City Air Management Tool
  • Siemen Campus Control - Campus Control
  • Growth Opportunity Analysis - Hitachi
  • Hitachi Smart City - Segmentation
  • Hitachi Smart City - Components
  • Hitachi Smart City - Smart Spaces
  • Hitachi Visualization Suite - Converging Data and Video

7. Growth Opportunity Analysis - ABB

  • ABB - Building Smart Societies
  • ABB Ability - Analytics Tool to Derive Smart City Gains

8. Growth Opportunity Analysis - Smart City Startups

  • Connexin - Building an IoT Platform
  • Connexin Case Study - Hull City
  • Actility - Global Leaders in IoT Connectivity
  • Actility Case Study
  • TIBCO Software - Advanced Analytics Platform for Smart Cities
  • Libellium - Complete IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

9. Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1 - Autonomous Mobility
  • Growth Opportunity 2 - Future City Planning
  • Growth Opportunity 3 - Smart Infrastructure

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