SourceScrub’s Similar Companies Feature Helps Dealmakers Streamline Acquisition Target Identification

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SourceScrub, the premier deal-sourcing platform, has introduced Similar Companies, a feature that creates accurate, prioritized lists of look-alike companies to help dealmakers identify acquisition targets with more speed and accuracy.

Dealmakers often start their search for investment targets with a perfect candidate in mind. Similar Companies uses human-in-the-loop machine learning to scour SourceScrub’s unparalleled breadth and depth of private company data to find companies meeting investment criteria. SourceScrub customers can build highly qualified target lists, market maps, and add-on strategies in a fraction of the time.

“When you find the perfect target, you want to find more of that kind of company,” said Jon Dodson, SourceScrub CTO. “Similar Companies makes that easy, with the click of a button.”

The Similar Companies feature integrates with CRM systems to let dealmakers seamlessly move from identifying potential targets to initiating outreach and relationship building with them. It shows what these companies have in common, including shared sources, industries and specialties, making it easier to build a competitive landscape and revise an investment thesis.

What makes companies similar? The Similar Companies feature uses human-in-the-loop machine learning to analyze data from multiple sources, comparing attributes such as business description, industry, specialties, size, financing, and location. It ranks results based on the strength of the fit with the original company being matched.

While there are other “similar company” solutions on the market, only about 30% of the “similar” companies they turn up are actually similar to the original. These solutions typically rely on a single, subjective source of information (company websites), and use machine learning models to interpret and organize the data. These services are capable of producing long company lists, but that isn’t sufficient for screening targets to meet the requirements of an investment strategy. As a result, searches for similar companies on these platforms either generate unmanageably long lists of unqualified companies, or miss many qualified targets.

“SourceScrub’s Similar Companies feature accurately produces lists of similar companies that are strongly correlated based on a range of attributes,” said Christie Klauberg, Vice President at Francisco Partners. “The multi-source approach gives the model the ability to more deeply understand what a company actually does so we end up with better lists of comparable companies.”

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