Guild Transforms the C-Suite and Gives Opportunity a Seat at the Table with First-of-its-Kind Chief Opportunity Officer Role

Company names Terrence Cummings as Chief Opportunity Officer to drive career mobility and opportunity outcomes for Guild members and employees

Denver, CO, Feb. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Guild, the leader in opportunity creation for America’s workforce, today announced a newly created role within its leadership team—the Chief Opportunity Officer. Terrence Cummings, who previously served as the company’s Senior Vice President of Member Services and Strategy, was named to the first-of-its-kind position. 

Terrence will be accountable for the economic mobility of Guild’s learners, members—those who have engaged with Guild and begun exploring opportunities for career advancement—as well as Guild employees. He will focus on ensuring these outcomes come to life in tangible and meaningful ways, including in the form of a role change or an increase in salary

“We established Guild eight years ago to unlock opportunity for America’s workforce. With this strategic new role, we are raising the importance of achieving measurable outcomes to an even higher level,” said Rachel Romer, Guild’s CEO and Co-founder. “Under the inspired leadership of Terrence Cummings, we know that our focus on outcomes will have an influential voice at our management table—and in the world.” 

Terrence spent the last six years of his career in leadership roles at Guild, serving a diverse set of stakeholders as head of the company’s employer partnerships teams and most recently as Senior Vice President of Member Services and Strategy. He brings a unique perspective of both the workforce strategy goals of Guild’s employer partners as well as the economic mobility goals of Guild’s members and learners, making him a natural fit to lead this work. Terrence holds a deep understanding for the experience of Guild members, along with their innate capabilities and potential to achieve success through career and economic mobility. He embodies Guild’s rare position at the intersection of the workforce. 

“I’m deeply aware of the power of sponsorship and coaching from my own lived experience,” said Terrence Cummings, Guild’s Chief Opportunity Officer. “If it wasn’t for the support I received at critical moments in my life, which opened up worlds of possibilities I once couldn’t have imagined, I wouldn’t be stepping into this role today. I’m committed to packaging this serendipity for Guild members, learners, and our own employees. This comes in the form of accessible education, skilling, career services, community, and wrap-around support—all of which make it possible for Guild members and learners to realize their full potential and seize the livelihoods we all innately deserve.”

Guild has assembled innovative partners across business, academia, and skilling while also connecting with and giving voice to the millions of Americans who are seeking career mobility. For this reason, the company is uniquely established to deliver on its promise to unlock career and economic opportunities for America’s workforce—and impact is already being seen. Currently, Guild learners are 2.2x more likely to experience internal mobility and have a 2.4x higher wage increase compared to non-engaged employees.

The past three years have underscored the importance of internal talent development—that the companies who will thrive in the future of work are investing in their workforces today. Guild believes this critical work and the leadership of a Chief Opportunity Officer, should be prioritized within every organization. The Chief Opportunity Officer will further Guild’s mission and operationalize it in a way that leads to clear, tangible outcomes. The company will also continue to focus on career acceleration for its own employees, in some instances utilizing its internal workforce to innovate and iterate on its products and services for its members and learners.

“As a purpose-centric company that is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Guild is thinking beyond traditional leadership roles to focus on what matters most,” said Dean Carter, Guild’s Chief People and Purpose Officer. “Expanding opportunity is core to our business and our mission. In his new role, Terrence will be a trailblazer on behalf of our members, learners, and our future of work innovation.” 

Learn more about the ways Guild is creating opportunity for its employees and America’s workforce here.

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