OneFile by Alexander Kochnev: This Is What America Needs To Share Files

New City, New York, United States, Feb. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alexander Kochnev, a talented 20-year-old web programmer from San Diego, was inspired to create a unique OneFile service by the desire to help people who are forced to send files to themselves for viewing on other devices. 
Students and office workers actively use OneFile by Alexander Kochnev. 

This is an excellent resource that allows users to freely transport and view 10 files up to 2 GB without downloading.   
The time spent downloading the package does not exceed a few seconds. Then the system generates a unique code and a link individually for each file which can be shared with an unlimited number of people. 

During the 24 hours, uploaded files are stored on OneFile by Alexander Kochnev and are only viewable using a code or a link.  
Users call OneFile by Alexander Kochnev a real breakthrough in file sharing because it saves the main resource - the time usually taken for traditional transfer.  

“It often happens that an important meeting or signing of a contract breaks down just because the right document was not at hand. It is there, but at the moment it is not on your tablet, but on another device. As a result, it is necessary to agree again on a new meeting with people and re-arrange schedules. So, it means wasting time that should have been used in a different way. OneFile will save you from having to adapt to such circumstances. On the contrary, you will be able to manage it using my service”, Alexander Kochnev convinces.  

About: Alexander Kochnev is considered the #1 Backend DeveloperHaving extraordinary abilities, the young specialist always offers unexpected and unique solutions in his developments.  And they get instant responses from users. 
The exceptional talent of Alexander Kochnev for internal web development was appreciated by the mayors of large cities, heads of giant corporations, and chiefs of security and counter-terrorism agencies.  

Alexander Kochnev is the author of the following unique services: 

  • license plate recognition service;
  • a device that recognizes an object by sound;
  • Digit Recognizer – recognition of numbers on paper and photos;
  • Polygon Neural Network - determines the exact coordinates of objects in the image.

 The web resources created by Alexander Kochnev are actively used to ensure the national and civil security of several countries. 



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