Gumas Advertising Releases “Challenger Brand Marketing®”

Digital Marketing Handbook Shows Emerging Brands How to Win in Any Market

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gumas Advertising (, the champion of the challenger brand, today announced the release of a new book, “Challenger Brand Marketing®,” co-authored by John Gumas and Craig Alexander, founder and president respectively of Gumas Advertising. “Challenger Brand Marketing” is designed to serve as an instruction manual for companies of all sizes and industries struggling to compete against better resourced competitors. The book provides practical advice on how to take on the “gorilla” brands and win market share by adopting a different mindset and proven strategies.

“Challenger Brand Marketing” is the sequel to John Gumas’ book, “Marketing Smart.” Where “Marketing Smart” provides a foundation for success with tips on branding, advertising, and digital marketing, “Challenger Brand Marketing” goes further, offering a comprehensive manual explaining how to build brand awareness and brand value by applying more ingenuity.

“Challenger brands have a real opportunity in markets dominated by brand gorillas that can outspend, outmerchandise, outsell, and outresource competitors,” said Gumas. “The only way to compete is by changing the rules. Challenger Brand Marketing shows companies of all shapes and sizes how to apply a different marketing mindset and adopt unique marketing tactics to take on the big brands and win. If you’re not the one spending the most money in your category, then you are a Challenger Brand and must compete differently to be successful.”

“Challenger Brand Marketing” outlines the strategies and tactics needed for a market challenger to win in any category. The book outlines how to research, strategize, create, activate, and manage a challenger brand marketing program, and how to validate brand value. The guide also explains how to define your unique brand identity and value and remap the competitive playing field to your advantage. Included is practical advice about developing powerful and unique messaging, online marketing strategies, creating a unique web identity, using social media, effective email campaign strategies, content marketing, and more.

“Now more than ever, companies and emerging brands can reach their customers directly, offering a unique brand experience that becomes a lasting success,” said Alexander. “Unfortunately, few niche brands have the tools to compete against established competitors. Drawing from our experience supporting challenger brands, we wanted to create a practical guide that anyone can use to find success, no matter what they offer, who they sell to, or the size of their budget.”

“‘Challenger Brand Marketing’ is more than a great resource for marketers; it’s a philosophy, mindset, and mission on how to maximize your budget and effectively compete against organizations with greater resources,” said Drew McLellan, CEO of AMI, Inc.

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