Dr. Maureen Dunne Invited as Keynote Speaker at Global Education Summit in Panama

The focus of the GEES is Preparing Children for an Unknown Future

CHICAGO, Feb. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Autism Community Ventures is proud to report that Dr. Maureen Dunne will appear as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Global Early Education Summit ("GEES"), which will take place April 14-15, 2023, in Panama City, Panama. 

The Summit theme is "Preparing Children for an Unknown Future." Click here for more details and to register for the Summit: Event | Global Early Education Summit | Panama (geesummit.com).

The GEES is the very first global education summit based in Latin America to bring together the world's top minds to discuss how leaders must adapt to a rapidly changing world to best prepare children, teachers, students, and professionals for an uncertain future. 

GEES aims to provide an atmosphere for provoking thoughtful discourse and a global conversation as the world prepares for a future marked by rapid economic, technological, and social change. The Summit will also serve as an incubator for professional training, networking, and other opportunities.

Dr. Dunne will speak about educational leadership in navigating an uncertain and evolving context. A key focus will be on the important role neurodivergent children and non-linear problem solvers may play in our collective future. 

"We live in a world increasingly defined by accelerating change," remarked Dunne. "This has enormous implications for how we approach education. The corner is getting closer, sharper, and more difficult to see around. How we handle cognitive diversity and universal design in early education stands to become one of our most pressing questions in shaping the world we live in decades from now."

Other renowned educators who will appear as key speakers at the Summit include Dr. Flossie Chua, Principal Investigator of Project Zero, Harvard University; Professor Nissim Ben-Arie at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and Dr. Americo Amorim, a New York University scholar, among other leading scholars and professionals.

In March, Dr. Dunne will also appear as an invited Plenary Speaker on broader topics related to the Evolving Role of Community Colleges and Higher Education at the National Council for Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) Annual Conference, held this year in Nashville, Tennessee. A panel discussion, moderated by NCCET board member Dr. Joseph Cassidy, will take place on March 2 with Dr. Dunne, Dr. Corbin (NACCE), and Joel Vargas (Jobs for the Future). 

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