Mattermost announces “Mattermost Solutions for GitLab” to help DevSecOps organizations ship software faster

Mattermost provides integrations and real-time workflows for GitLab’s leading DevSecOps platform to reduce risk and increase productivity across technical teams

Palo Alto, California, Feb. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mattermost, the leading secure collaboration platform for technical teams, announced a new set of open source integrations for GitLab, the leading DevSecOps platform. The enhanced offering speeds productivity and reduces risk in developer organizations needing to meet stringent data control and security requirements while accelerating innovation. 

“Integrated tools work better than siloed tools,” said Ian Tien, Mattermost CEO and co-founder, “Mattermost Solutions for GitLab helps developers securely integrate their teams, toolchains and communications so they can deliver software faster, more efficiently and with fewer errors.” 

Mattermost Solutions for GitLab has three parts. First is integrated deployment, which is the ability to deploy the latest open source edition of Mattermost--providing team messaging, file sharing, audio calling and screen share, workflow automation and work management--from any self-hosted GitLab deployment using the GitLab omnibus installer. 

Second is the Mattermost-GitLab plugin, which integrates GitLab modules into the Mattermost user interface, including mention notifications, open issue lists, merge requests lists and an interactive GitLab bot integrated with the Mattermost user interface. 

Third is a set of custom “Command Center” use cases--such as standup meeting summaries, bug burndown charts and release management updates--created through markdown templates, webhooks and slash commands to tightly integrate tools and technical teams into Mattermost’s real-time communication environment. 

“As a developer, I want a ‘Command Center’ for all my technical work. I want to reach my teammates and my tools in the same interface, in real-time so we can move faster together,” said Romain Maneschi, IT Developer, ITK. “The deep integration between Mattermost and GitLab moves us closer to this vision than anything else I’ve seen on the market.”

The latest version of Mattermost Solutions for GitLab will be available in the GitLab 15.9 release of GitLab omnibus on Feb 22, 2023, and include production support for Mattermost audio calling and screen share capabilities. Register for the webinar, “A Match Made in Open Source: Release Management with Mattermost and GitLab” on March 2, 2023 to learn more. 

About Mattermost Inc.

Mattermost provides secure, workflow-centric collaboration for technical and operational teams that need to meet nation-state level security and trust requirements. We serve technology, public sector, national defense and financial services industries with customers ranging from tech giants, to the world’s largest banks, to the U.S. Department of Defense and governmental agencies around the world. 

Our self-hosted and cloud offerings provide integrated team messaging, audio and screen share, workflow automation and project management on an open source platform vetted and deployed by the world’s most secure and mission critical organizations.

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