TTM Technologies, Inc. Introduces New Family of 0603 Radio Frequency Components for 5G Transceivers and Power Amplifiers, Its Radio Frequency and Specialty Components Business Unit's Most Extensive Product Release to Date

SANTA ANA, Calif., Feb. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TTM Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTMI) ("TTM"), a leading global manufacturer of technology solutions including engineered systems, radio frequency ("RF") components and RF microwave/microelectronic assemblies, and printed circuit boards ("PCBs"), has expanded its Radio Frequency and Specialty Components ("RF&S") product offering by announcing its largest product release to date with the introduction of the 0603 (1.5mm x 0.7mm) narrow and broadband couplers and balun transformers.

"With this comprehensive release of small form factor, high-performance couplers and baluns, TTM's RF&S Business Unit is reinforcing its commitment to meet the aggressive challenges of next-generation densities and performance for our customers," said Bo Jensen, President, RF&S Business Unit.

This release includes 22 new products, marking RF&S's most comprehensive launch yet of ultra-small, low-profile balun transformers, 3dB hybrid couplers, and directional couplers. Primarily designed for 5G transceivers and power amplifiers, these new products deliver superior performance and the lowest overall cost solution with industry standard Xinger® brand reliability. The addition of the 0603 family demonstrates TTM's continued investment in new RF&S products to maintain its market-leading position by anticipating customer demands.

Model NumberPart TypeFrequency (MHz)
X4C20L1-02G2dB Directional Coupler1700-2300
X4C25L1-02G2dB Directional Coupler2200-2800
X4C40L1-02G2dB Directional Coupler3100-5100
X4C20L1-03G3dB Hybrid Coupler1800-2300
X4C25L1-03G3dB Hybrid Coupler2200-2800
X4C40L1-03G3dB Hybrid Coupler3100-5100
X4C20L1-04G4dB Directional Coupler1700-2300
X4C25L1-04G4dB Directional Coupler2200-2800
X4C40L1-04G4dB Directional Coupler3100-5000
X4C20L1-05G5dB Directional Coupler1700-2300
X4C25L1-05G5dB Directional Coupler2200-2800
X4C40L1-05G5dB Directional Coupler3100-5100
X4B10L1-5050G50 Ohm unbalanced 50 Ohm balanced600-2300
X4B20L1-5050G50 Ohm unbalanced 50 Ohm balanced1200-2700
X4B40L1-5050G50 Ohm unbalanced 50 Ohm balanced2300-6000
X4BD10L1-50100G50 Ohm unbalanced 100 Ohm balanced600-2300
X4BD10L1-50200G50 Ohm unbalanced 200 Ohm balanced600-2300
X4BD20L1-50100G50 Ohm unbalanced 100 Ohm balanced1200-2700
X4BD20L1-50200G50 Ohm unbalanced 200 Ohm balanced1200-2700
X4BD40L1-50100G50 Ohm unbalanced 100 Ohm balanced2300-6000
X4BD40L1-50200G50 Ohm unbalanced 200 Ohm balanced2300-6000
X4BD40L1-5050G50 Ohm unbalanced 50 Ohm balanced2300-6000

These products are available through direct purchase from TTM or our Xinger® brand stocking distributors: Richardson RFPD (, Digi-Key (, RFMW ( and Mouser (

The RF&S Business Unit of TTM designs, manufactures and sells custom high-frequency solutions and Xinger® brand standard components for wireless infrastructure, defense electronics, and test and measurement electronics markets. For more details on our product lines and newly released products, please visit

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