Kubecost Launches Partner Program to Bring Kubernetes Cost Management to More Businesses

As Kubernetes-related cloud costs soar, Kubecost channel partners can deliver Kubernetes cost monitoring and optimization to their customers with a clear ROI

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kubecost, a solution for monitoring, managing, and optimizing Kubernetes spend at scale, today announced the launch of its go-to-market Kubecost Partner Program. The new program enables global technology and service providers, value-added resellers (VARs), and systems integrators (SIs) to bring the benefits of Kubecost’s real-time Kubernetes cost visibility and optimization capabilities to their own customers.

Backed by its dedicated partner team, Kubecost will support partners through a streamlined onboarding process, straightforward referral and reseller legal procedures, and access to tailored resources that accelerate partners’ marketing and sales activity in the field. Kubecost further supports program partners by offering broad integrations into the Kubecost platform, ensuring that Kubecost will work seamlessly regardless of where businesses’ Kubernetes clusters are located. The program is designed to equip and incentivize partners as they build ongoing revenue streams and achieve their growth goals by adding Kubecost’s unparalleled Kubernetes cost-monitoring capabilities to their portfolios.

The Kubecost Partner Program is launching with several global channel partners including SIGHUP, OSC Korea, O3S, and Stackgenie; the program’s initial cloud partners include AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Additional partner benefits include industry-leading margins and market development funds (MDFs) to further drive partner business.

Kubecost provides real-time Kubernetes cost optimization insights and dynamic recommendations that help organizations continuously manage and reduce their cloud costs. The solution includes granular cost breakdowns and allocations to accurately monitor and enforce cost accountability within an organization, even across multiple clusters and external cloud services or infrastructure. Alerts and governance tooling inform organizations of cost overruns and infrastructure outage risks in real time—and before they become costly issues.

“We expect Kubecost to be a clear winner for our channel partners,” said Alex Thilen, Head of Business Development, Kubecost. “As organizations migrate to the cloud and modernize development with Kubernetes, overprovisioning and waste have been an increasing problem. Kubecost enables our partners to offer a proven and purpose-built solution for continually monitoring and optimizing Kubernetes infrastructure. We’ve seen some great traction and demand with our initial partners and are excited to now formally open up the Kubecost Partner Program.”

“The Kubecost Partner Program enables our partner ecosystem to address the monitoring and cost optimization challenges that companies face as they deploy Kubernetes at scale,” said Morgan Davies, Senior Partner Manager, Kubecost. “Our partners can ensure their customers stay at the forefront of Kubernetes management.”

The program launch comes as Kubecost sees accelerated market demand for its solution: Kubecost has been deployed by more than 5000 organizations and manages more than $2 billion in Kubernetes spending. As the Kubecost Partner Program evolves, Kubecost will introduce a training certification program for Kubecost partners, enabling channel providers to offer the solution as a managed service delivered by Kubecost-certified experts.

“Kubecost’s unique capabilities empower our customers to understand and rein in their Kubernetes spending, which has made the solution an ideal and welcome addition to our as-a-service Kubernetes technology stack,” said Jacopo Nardiello, Founder & CEO, SIGHUP. “We’re proud to call ourselves a launch partner in the Kubecost Partner Program, and look forward to bringing this solution to more of our customers.”

About Kubecost

Kubecost provides real-time cost visibility and insight for teams using Kubernetes. Kubecost is trusted by thousands of leading companies from Adobe to Under Armour to monitor costs across all major cloud providers, and in on-prem and air-gapped environments.

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