United States Cars as Vehicles of Health Study 2022: Voice of 1,801 Connected Car Service Influencers Regarding Customer-Health Wellness and Wellbeing Services

Dublin, Feb. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Voice of Customer-Health Wellness and Wellbeing Services in Cars, US" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

A total of 1801 decision makers or key influencers for connected car services were surveyed to obtain the results.

Despite disrupting sales and profitability in many markets, the pandemic has ignited minds to build a safer and more convenient environment. The connected automotive industry is making the best of the situation through trending use cases that build the new normal across consumer segments.

Adapting to the new form of travel, the analyst's 'Cars as Vehicles of Health' aims to explore and evaluate the current use of health, wellness, and wellbeing services among respondents in the United States.

In addition, this study will also focus on customer analysis bifurcation by vehicle segment type across the United States and user-interest and preference, in terms of various features, such as air quality control, driver drowsiness detection, adaptive cruise control, seat positioning, and cabin filtration. Data was collected by means of a panel-based survey in the United States.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Research Objectives

  • Testing 24 HWW Features for Purchase Interest
  • Research Methodology
  • Sample Structure by US Region and Vehicle Segment
  • Data Weighting

2. Key Findings

3. Respondents Profile and Driving Habits

  • Respondent Profile-Demographics
  • Respondent Profile-Household
  • Respondents' Driving Time
  • Respondents-Vehicle Ownership Type & Future Preferences
  • Preferred Engine for Customer's Next Car by Segment
  • Travel Breakdown by Activity
  • COVID-19's Impact on Movement

4. Customer (digital) Preferences for the Next Car Purchase

  • Important Attributes for Customer Purchase
  • Important Infotainment Systems
  • Interest in Sensors in the Car

5. Health, Wellness, and Wellbeing Features Interest

  • Descriptions of HWW Features Shown to Respondents
  • Real-life Scenarios and Interest Regarding Health Features
  • Real-life Scenarios and Interest Regarding Wellness Features
  • Real-life Scenarios and Interest Regarding Well-being Features
  • Testing 24 HWW Features for Purchase Interest
  • Interest in Purchasing HWW Features
  • Interest in Purchasing Health Features
  • Interest in Purchasing Wellness Features
  • Interest in Purchasing Well-being Features
  • Interest in HWW Features-Customer Segmentation
  • Interest in HWW Features-Segmentation
  • Interest in Health Features-Vehicle Segmentation
  • Interest in Health Features-Demographic Segmentation
  • Interest in Health Features-Powertrain Type
  • Interest in Wellness Features-Vehicle Segmentation
  • Interest in Wellness Features-Demographic Segmentation
  • Interest in Wellness Features-Powertrain Type
  • Interest in Well-being Features-Segmentation
  • Interest in Well-being Features-Demographic Segmentation
  • Interest in Well-being Features-Powertrain Type

6. Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Features Pricing

  • Access to HWW Features
  • Price Sensitivity Test
  • Payment Preference
  • HWW Features-Willingness to Pay
  • HWW Features-Willingness to Pay and Price Elasticity of Demand (PED)
  • HWW Features' Price Elasticity
  • Vital Stats Monitoring-Willingness to Pay
  • Air Quality Map-Willingness to Pay
  • Cabin Viral Filtration (Filter)-Willingness to Pay
  • UV Air Sanitizer-Willingness to Pay
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist-Willingness to Pay
  • Driver Drowsiness/Distraction Detection and Alarm-Willingness to Pay
  • Drunken Driving Detection and Alarm-Willingness to Pay
  • Automated and Customized seat position-Willingness to Pay
  • Mood-Specific Infotainment-Willingness to Pay
  • Smart Seats-Willingness to Pay
  • Wellness/Comfort Seat-Willingness to Pay
  • Preferred Control Options for Mood-specific Infotainment
  • Driver Drowsiness-Customer Preference

7. Digital Devices and Health-related Activities

  • Smart Device Usage
  • Engagement in HWW-related Activities
  • Health-related Activities-Segmentation

8. Data connectivity

  • Customer Willingness to Share Data with Car Dealers
  • Customers' Expectations for Data Sharing

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