nuVizz Equips Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery with 100% Real-Time Final Mile Visibility

MWD’s deployment of nuVizz’s delivery management enhances white glove delivery services

ATLANTA, Feb. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- nuVizz, the leading delivery and transportation platform in last mile delivery technology (LMDT), today announced the results that Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery (MWD) is realizing from the organization’s use of nuVizz's appliance delivery management solutions. Since 2016 MWD has capitalized on 100% final mile shipment visibility, 99.95% delivery ETA accuracy and a five day reduction in their billing processes.

As MWD grew to accommodate more retailers, the company sought an advanced technological solution that could facilitate scalable growth. To meet the need for steady expansion and ever-changing consumer demands, MWD turned to nuVizz to integrate existing systems and provide a single point-of-truth for retailers looking to consolidate their logistics insights. The nuVizz platform was implemented to manage all final mile delivery orchestrations and executions across 40 MWD terminals and 300+ daily active drivers.

“As a leading provider of white-glove delivery services to some of the world’s top-notch retailers, we needed to up our game,” said Shawn Khan, President, Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery Corp. “Delivery management technology provided by nuVizz helped us elevate our operations and continue to support our growth as we bring on new partners both upstream and downstream. nuVizz has been a great partner working closely with us in this journey.”

Real-time updates from drivers are synced with MWD’s ERP system. This connection enables MWD to be nimble and efficient when responding to user comments as well as invoice customers in real-time and settle driver payments accurately.

By automating the entire delivery execution process with nuVizz, MWD: Saves on Co2 emissions through route optimization, reduces billing time with electronic document management, provides customers with up to the minute delivery ETAs, configures customizable datasets for customers and gains full visibility into their own fleet and shipment status.

“We seamlessly integrated with MWD systems to extract key demand data and realize bridgeable last mile gaps in their white glove ecosystem,” said Gururaj Rao, CEO, nuVizz. “The entire MWD delivery network leverages the nuVizz platform to route and execute deliveries while the nuVizz driver application makes it easier for retailers and consumers to track deliveries in real-time, ensure consistent business processes and cater to delivery handling requirements.”

nuVizz’s ability to streamline MWD’s processes and enhance their tech stack allowed the company to spend more time on white glove delivery excellence and less time managing manual data entries. MWD’s chance to focus on user experience has facilitated an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

For complete details on nuVizz’s work with Metropolitan Warehouse & Distribution, access the case study here.

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About Metropolitan Warehouse & Distribution

Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery is a leading provider of white-glove delivery services to e-commerce retailers, furniture vendors, designers and manufacturers.

Exclusive to the furniture industry, Metropolitan offers more than 2 million square feet of warehouse space along with real-time warehouse management monitoring systems. By using the latest in automation and technology, Metropolitan reduces transit times drastically.

Now celebrating 30-years serving the furniture industry, Metropolitan’s commitment to providing its customers with the very best delivery experience is unwavering.

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