NAVEE e-mobility innovations redefine urban commute in the U.S.

Suzhou, China, Feb. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NAVEE, a leading international micro-mobility technology brand, has officially entered the U.S. market with a comprehensive lineup of e-mobility products including the NAVEE N, S, and V-series E-scooters, as well as the NAVEE E-bike. The brand’s U.S. debut was complemented by its successful showing at the CABDA Expo in Chicago, Illinois, earlier this month.

“Expanding our presence in the U.S. is a monumental moment for us,” said Vincent Wu, vice-president of global sales at NAVEE. “Increasingly congested city traffic is interfering with work and leisure travel plans. We are confident that our industry-leading e-mobility solutions will enrich people’s lives while reducing the environmental impact of the transportation industry. With this growth, we have solidified our identity as a global brand, enabling us to quickly meet the diverse needs of the local market.”

NAVEE S-series and N-series E-scooters

The NAVEE S65, N65 and N40 are NAVEE’s marquee products. These cutting-edge E-scooters turn mundane city commutes or park strolls into fun, comfortable and safe adventures.

The flagship S65 E-scooter takes excitement to new heights with its powerful 500W geared motor, a dual-suspension system and up to a 40-mile max range. After exceeding its funding goal in less than five minutes and ultimately raising more than US$192,000 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the NAVEE S65 has received rave reviews by its riders and is now one of the most popular scooters in NAVEE’s lineup.

The N-series E-scooters are fully equipped to offer a premium ride, coming with shock-absorbent tires, foldable design, an LED display and ultra-long range.

NAVEE E-scooters are now available through major U.S. retailers, including Amazon and Walmart.

NAVEE V-series E-scooters

Compact and performant, the V40 Pro and the V50 feature a double rotation folding design that shrinks the scooters to just 15% of their original size. With a hidden Apple AirTag holder in the handlebar post, the scooters will always let riders know about their exact location. All V-series E-scooters are outfitted with a large handlebar display, dual brakes, and an IP55 weather resistance rating to operate in rain or shine.

The V-series E-scooters will be available in May 2023 at highly competitive prices.

NAVEE E-bike

Expanding its portfolio to offer more diverse form factors, NAVEE has also released its first E-bike. With great attention paid to its comfort and design, the NAVEE E-bike uses an ergonomic aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and a handlebar display. Its 500W hub motor can carry the rider at a top assisted speed of up to 20 mph.

Additionally, NAVEE innovations took the spotlight at the CABDA Expo Chicago, a premier B2B trade show for bike shops, in early February. On March 8, NAVEE will again appear at the CABDA show Expo in New York City to continue to build strong ties with industry leaders in the U.S. market. It invites all interested industry members to connect with its team at the convention.


Founded in 2020, NAVEE is an innovative brand specializing in the R&D, production, and distribution of e-scooters and e-bikes. NAVEE is committed to providing vehicles featuring the latest innovations & technology to global customers, and to making micro-mobility more smart, enjoyable, and convenient.

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