Renewable Innovations’ New Engineering Collaboration Prepares Emergency Generators for New Zealand

Efforts focused on building a more resilient energy infrastructure powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Auckland, Feb. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global hydrogen and fuel cell solutions provider, Renewable Innovations Inc., has been collaborating with the New Zealand office of international consultancy firm AECOM, international fuel cell suppliers, and other hydrogen partners in the development of hydrogen fuel cell-powered emergency power supplies capable of producing up to 80 kW of power.

Kevin Hodges, Principal Electrical Engineer from AECOM commented, ‘This is a unique opportunity to become a pioneer in developing hydrogen solutions for New Zealand. AECOM is excited to work with Renewable Innovations, and our other New Zealand hydrogen partners, as we help build a more resilient emergency power infrastructure that has its foundation built on carbon-free, renewable energy.’

Fueled by green hydrogen produced here in New Zealand, each hydrogen powered system can operate for up to seven days with hydrogen cylinder packs easily transported or delivered by helicopter to the remote operation sites to maintain power.

‘These are a fantastic renewable replacement for existing diesel generators or battery banks,’ said Auckland-based Mark Cain, Pacific Area Director for Renewable Innovations. ‘The EmPower 50 operates as a true uninterruptable power supply, delivering managed, high-quality power and using clean green hydrogen for fuel. They are silent when operating, only exhaust pure water as waste, and can be deployed in almost any environment - including cyclone conditions.’

Robert Mount, Founder, President and CEO of Renewable Innovations remarked, ‘The renewable energy work we have been doing in other parts of the world enables us to deliver truly stunning energy solutions with carbon-free sources. The EmPower 50 fuel cell system is a great example of a solution that has real potential to change the way we store, consume, and manage renewable energy. As the demand grows, these scalable and modular renewable energy products will be installed across New Zealand and other South Pacific nations.’

Renewable Innovations is currently working with a number of remote site operators across New Zealand to install the first EmPower 50 systems to power essential infrastructure with reliable 100% renewable hydrogen energy. These are the smallest version of the EmPower product range and are also available as much larger models to deliver mega-Watts of power wherever it is needed. To prepare for the scale that will be required to contribute to our nation’s current net- zero targets, Renewable Innovations is investigating plans to create a manufacturing plant in New Zealand.

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