Nerdio Unveils 2023 Nerdio Manager Product Roadmaps, Evolution Beyond Virtual Desktop Management

Unified endpoint and application management introduced in addition to significant capabilities for cloud cost optimization and observability

CANCUN, MEXICO, Feb. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nerdio, a premier solution for organizations of all sizes looking to manage and cost-optimize native Microsoft cloud technologies, today has unveiled FY23 product roadmaps for Nerdio Manager for Enterprise and Nerdio Manager for MSP that significantly expand the company’s value add and impact for organizations using native Microsoft technologies. 

“Since our inception, we’ve focused on delivering innovations that made it easier for IT admins to bring the power of Microsoft Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop to their users,” said Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO and co-founder, Nerdio. “We’ve helped admins speed up deployments, reduce the time to ROI, optimize costs and simplify management with technology that can be deployed at the click of a button.”

“What we’re looking to do in 2023 isn’t new for us. We are expanding the value we know we can provide IT teams at this time as they look to cost optimize infrastructure and operations, consolidate management tools, and increasingly leverage native Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Intune, Defender security suite, and Windows 365.”

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise 

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is a modern, unified management platform for cloud VDI, Cloud PCs, and physical endpoints. With unified management across all virtualized and physical endpoints and applications, enterprises can become more agile, do more with less during the current economic conditions, and provide great user and employee experiences.

New capabilities that will soon be introduced in upcoming versions of Nerdio Manager for Enterprise include: 

  • Nerdio Unified Application Management aggregates Windows applications from a range of repositories, intelligently delivers all application types across multiple Windows devices, and reports on usage, performance, and licensing. It enables EUC (end user computing) admins to reduce the time and effort to deploy and manage Windows applications while saving on license costs and application resources.  
  • Nerdio Advisor is a suite of technologies delivered in phases to estimate cost, simplify, and automate deployment, continuously optimize costs, and recommend relevant features based on usage patterns. Phase one will include Nerdio’s Modeler for Azure Virtual Desktop, a free tool that allows enterprise organizations and partners to model and cost predict virtual desktop environments in Microsoft Azure without any commitment or licensing required. 

Nerdio Manager for MSP

Nerdio Manager for MSP is a modern, multi-tenant, workflow-powered cloud management platform helping MSPs accelerate Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Intune deployments, simplify management across customers, and increase margins. 

New capabilities that will soon be introduced in upcoming versions of Nerdio Manager for MSP include:

  • Unified Endpoint Management provides MSPs a single pane of glass management for all Windows devices and applications leveraging Intune. MSPs will be able to use Nerdio Manager for all device management including Android and iOS, and to apply automated approval workflows, RBAC roles, cross-tenant management, and powerful troubleshooting tools.

MSPs can quickly remediate issues across customer accounts with advanced monitoring, analytics, root cause analysis, and remote assistance capabilities. The new UEM features allow MSPs to consolidate their toolset, stay within the Microsoft and Azure ecosystems, and adopt a modern helpdesk solution built for the cloud. 

  • Multi-tenant and Cross-Tenant Management allows MSPs to manage multiple tenants and apply consistent policies across clients. Sizable MSPs can scale their businesses with fewer human resources by driving consistency in client environments to simplify deployments, optimizations, and management of those environments. 

Private previews are currently available for both Nerdio Manager solutions and are being conducted on a rolling basis as product initiatives are developed in a phased approach throughout the year. The above Nerdio Manager for MSP capabilities are available now in public preview. Partners and customers interested in participating in private or public previews are encouraged to reach out via their existing product support channels or contact 


About Nerdio 

Nerdio adds value on top of the powerful capabilities in Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Microsoft Intune by delivering hundreds of features that simplify management, ensure efficient operations, and lower Azure compute and storage costs by up to 80% via automation and license optimization. Leveraging Nerdio, MSPs can manage customers’ cloud environments through streamlined, multi-tenant, workflow-powered technology that allows them to create and grow cloud-based recurring revenues. Enterprise IT professionals can deliver and maintain a wide range of virtual Windows endpoints across hybrid workforces with ease and fine-tune end-user computing (EUC) approaches for maximum effectiveness using powerful monitoring and analytics capabilities. For more information, please visit


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