For Physicians, New Pathways to Concierge Medicine Continue to Unfold, Says Industry Pioneer

Chicago, IL, Feb. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Concierge medicine, once considered care available for only a fortunate few, is experiencing a remarkable evolution as physician pathways to the model become more numerous than ever before, according to Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs Consultants. This pioneering concierge practice transition and management company has led the way with a flexible approach that enables a growing number of physicians to provide care freed from the constraints of a traditional, volume based, fee-for-service practice.

“The Specialdocs practice model has been seamlessly adopted not only by independent physicians, but doctors in a group practice or employed by hospitals and health systems,” says Bauer. “Their paths are likewise diverse, inspired by a dramatic rise in opportunities to join an existing concierge medicine practice or acquire a thriving one from a retiring concierge doctor.”

He adds: “In the 20 years since the inception of concierge medicine, I’ve not seen a more promising landscape for physicians wanting to make the change or a bleaker one for those choosing to stay in a traditional practice.”

Each pathway brings a unique set of rewards and experiences, driven by factors that include practice location and history, patient and market demographics, timing of launch, and most importantly, the physician’s individual vision, says Bauer.  “While the starting point may vary, when a practice has been accurately evaluated, the foundation thoughtfully structured and our time-tested guidelines for transition utilized, the results are transformative,” he says.

Opportunities to take the reins from a retiring concierge physician are increasingly abundant, according to Bauer, as the first wave of doctors prepares for a bittersweet exit from their carefully nurtured practices. “While Specialdocs-affiliated physicians tend to practice late into their careers, unaffected by the pervasive industry challenges of burnout and financial instability, we’re now at the cusp of a generational handover,” he reveals. “We’re helping many of our earliest clients set the stage for a smooth succession to a doctor who shares their values and passion for concierge medicine, and will be enthusiastically accepted by their loyal patient panel.”

Working side-by-side for many months with the retiring physician practice owner was time well spent for Dr. C.P., a Specialdocs-affiliated doctor in Delray Beach Florida. “I had previously explored a change to personalized medicine but an analysis of my practice showed it was not likely to thrive with my current patient panel,” she recalls. “Acquiring a concierge practice from a dedicated physician who was retiring was exactly the right move. We took all the time needed to let his patients know my commitment to them was equally strong and enduring. As a result, the patient retention rate topped 85%, my practice has continued to rapidly expand, and I’ll soon be welcoming another physician to my team.”

Even without a long runway to transition, success can be found with an accelerated due diligence process and compelling motivation for change, says Bauer. Specialdocs-affiliated physician Dr. C.C. remembers her lightning swift transition from employment at a large healthcare system in San Diego to owner of a concierge medicine practice in the community founded by a husband-wife team with an exceptional, decades-long reputation and hundreds of loyal patients.

“Every single patient I saw during the first year was unknown to me. To ease the transition, I kept all staff possible because the patients were much more comfortable with a new doctor if they also saw the same nurse who had drawn their blood for the last 20 years,” she reveals. “I also recognized it would take patience and time to build trust. Ultimately, I retained more than 90% of the practice’s existing patients, and added many more of my own.”

Teaming up with an established, highly regarded concierge physician has opened the door for many doctors who yearned to make the change but faced barriers including lack of time and business experience.  “We help our physicians identify their perfect match in terms of cultural fit, financial expectations and other considerations, and facilitate a plan designed to ensure a successful launch and continued practice growth,” shares Bauer.

“I wanted to make the change to concierge medicine for quite awhile, but I was so busy with my own practice it seemed like an overwhelming task to take on myself,” shares Atlanta-based Specialdocs physician-client Dr. A.M. “However, teaming up with a physician I had long admired and practicing medicine the way I had always wanted to was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. My transition was incredibly smooth due to Specialdocs’ guidance throughout the process. Many of my patients made the change with me, and they love being part of a small, personal practice where they are known and cared for so well.”

Former Connecticut hospitalist Dr. J.D. also joined a thriving Specialdocs-affiliated physician, inspired by the personalized, long-time care she could offer. “I realized that simply making a switch to outpatient medicine wouldn’t allow me to care for patients the way I had always envisioned in medical school,” she says. “Pressure from both insurance companies and large healthcare systems means caring for an overwhelming number of patients each day. Concierge medicine is the only model that allows time to connect with patients and offer truly wholistic care. I’m thrilled to be part of this independent practice and work with an experienced concierge physician who shares my focus on disease prevention and optimizing health.”

Physicians employed in a hospital setting have also forged a path to concierge medicine with Specialdocs. Dr. B.A., based in suburban New York, worked with the company to create a model that enabled him to practice independently while still remaining connected with his hospital network.

“I had considered concierge medicine for many years, and Specialdocs’ customized approach helped me bring my vision to reality,” he says. “For me it’s all about having enough time with a patient to effect real change. A 120-minute conversation is vastly more meaningful than a 10-minute conversation, but that’s never going to happen in a traditional practice setting. Now I’m able to look back at the end of each day and appreciate the impact I was able to make in a way that wasn’t possible before.”

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