American City Business Journals Achieves Time & Cost Savings Through Self-Serve AdBookPORTAL Powered by FatTail

American City Business Journals Has Already Collected Over $14 Million in Revenue, Teams Saving 10% in Post-Sale Support Through AdBookPORTAL;
ACBJ introduces New Creative Management Capabilities

LOS ANGELES, March 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FatTail, the direct deals company with two decades of experience as an Order Management System (OMS) provider, recently rolled out a new creative management platform in collaboration with American City Business Journal (ACBJ) to empower publishers to scale their ad operations.

AdBookPORTAL, developed in collaboration with American City Business Journals (ACBJ), has allowed ACBJ to save time and provide a differentiated service offering to their advertising clients.

With Portal’s creative management abilities, the publisher, which serves local small businesses across the country through its network of city media organizations, has been able to save valuable time for clients, no matter the size of their marketing teams.

Data shows ACBJ’s advertising clients log into Portal an average of two times per month. ACBJ has collected over $14 million in revenue through the portal since rolling it out mid-2021. Billing teams are saving 4.5 minutes per payment transaction compared to their previous workflows, and teams are saving 10% in post-sale support time.

“We are always looking for that competitive advantage that’s the next level above what other media outlets are offering,” said Ryan Whittington, SVP, ACBJ. “One of the biggest pain points for our clients was the inability to efficiently access order details, creative specs, deadlines, and performance reports, causing advertisers to send lots of emails to our teams for clarification or requests. We had yet to find a market solution that would solve those challenges in a way that was frictionless for advertisers. So we collaborated with FatTail to build out AdBookPORTAL capabilities that would automate the rote tasks involved in creative management and deliver added value to our advertisers.”

While automated invoicing and the ability for advertisers to pay directly on the platform are well underway, ACBJ is now integrating the rest of Portal’s creative management capabilities to reap the tool’s full revenue retention benefits.

The newest suite of features is focused on creative management and allows clients to view deadlines, access specs for deliverables, and submit creative all on the platform.

Rather than publisher teams spending valuable time on low-level campaign management and customer relations, Portal preserves labor, driving down the cost per transaction and enabling publishers to scale their ad ops without hiring more people. When advertisers can transparently access all of the relevant, real-time information for their orders with the publisher through a central location, both parties can do their work more efficiently.

“Portal’s unique automation will be crucial as the industry advances,” said Doug Huntington, CEO, FatTail. “Ad products — and creative demands — are constantly evolving. With Portal, publishers can offer competitive products with confidence in their ability to execute smoothly.”

ACBJ’s pain points aren’t unique. A 2021 FatTail study revealed that publishers consistently struggle to scale and streamline advertising execution. Sixty percent of survey respondents noted time and resource constraints as a major obstacle to providing high-quality customer service. Over 90% of the publishers surveyed also said that the majority of their communication with advertisers happens over email, leaving parties on both sides to comb through scattered message chains. These are the precise challenges FatTail developed Portal to address.

FatTail is rolling out Portal to additional publishers. Contact to learn more about how Portal can help streamline creative management, save money and time, and empower ad ops professionals to focus on higher-value tasks.

To access the ACBJ Portal Case Study visit here.

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