New Technology Can Now Test for Airborne COVID and Several Strains of the Common Flu

AirAnswers® Expands Air Testing to Include COVID-19, Influenza A, Influenza B, and RSV

NORTH CHICAGO, Ill., March 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AirAnswers, the leader in air sampling and testing technology, is expanding their test offering to include a panel of airborne viruses comprising COVID-19, Flu A, Flu B, and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). RSV is one of the most common causes of childhood illness and can affect adults. These constitute a “tripledemic” panel of viruses that can easily be transmitted in the air. The flexibility of the patented technology allows AirAnswers to expand their current comprehensive test menu for airborne molds, allergens, , and mycotoxins all of which can cause significant health problems for people living and working indoors.

“The COVID pandemic and the emergence of RSV has emphasized the importance of indoor air quality in the overall maintenance of a healthy environment,” says Jim Koziarz, CEO. “AirAnswers is the only product that brings state of the art laboratory testing to the air we breathe. Our product provides a comprehensive analysis of the air which can be used to develop a successful and cost-effective remediation program. Periodic testing with AirAnswers certifies the remediation results and helps to monitor the facility to maintain a healthy environment. Since the product is screening for these airborne pathogens, a negative result certifies that the air is clean.”

The AirAnswers technology can capture airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron. Particles this size do not settle out of the air and are small enough to deeply penetrate the human pulmonary system.

The AirAnswers state-of-the art collection system is about the size of a gallon package of milk and works silently to collect a massive amount of air equal to 55,000 gallons of air in a single day.

AirAnswers also provides the user the ability to collect and identify any new emerging airborne threats like new variants of COVID-19. The system acts as a sentry to warn of harmful levels of airborne pathogens before they become a major issue.

AirAnswers is actively looking to identify partners who can use the data to design and implement effect remediation and maintenance strategies.

To learn more, contact: Katie Gragg, Marketing Manager at AirAnswers® 866-539-4253,

About AirAnswers, Inc:

Based in North Chicago, Illinois, AirAnswers® is the only company providing specific airborne biological contaminant detection for indoor air quality companies and experts. AirAnswers’ highly sensitive patented technology collects and measures biological agents in the air, including molds, mycotoxins, allergens, and viruses down to the 0.1 microns in size. Developed in collaboration with institutions including Johns Hopkins University, The University of Chicago, Harvard University, and Argonne National Laboratory, the AirAnswers mission is to deliver customized prevention and management solutions to improve health and peace of mind by transforming indoor environments everywhere. AirAnswers has been validated with an extensive portfolio of patents* and publications in peer-reviewed literature.