eMed launches first-of-its-kind eMed® Urgent Care Telehealth Kit™, enabling access to same-day clinical evaluations and prescription medications for four common illnesses

Newest telehealth kits serve as important at-home health tools to help tackle COVID-19, influenza, strep throat, and urinary tract infection

MIAMI, March 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eMed, the leader in at-home, test-to-treat telehealth kits, today announced the first-of-its-kind eMed® Urgent Care Telehealth Kit™. Powered by eMed's patented Test-to-Treat™ solution, the new kit offers access to at-home on-demand clinical evaluation and same-day prescription medication for four common illnesses–COVID-19, influenza, strep throat and urinary tract infection (UTI). To receive prescriptions, Urgent Care Telehealth Kit owners have 24/7 access to on-demand guided testing and seamless connection to telehealth providers for clinical evaluation at no additional cost once a kit is in hand. No insurance is needed, there are no hidden fees, and no appointments are necessary. Testing, screening, telemedicine and prescription costs are all included with purchase of the kits.

In 2022, the average appointment wait time for new patients was 26 days in U.S. doctor offices. For many, waiting nearly a month for medical treatment is not an option. eMed provides immediate, at-home care and access to prescriptions for treatment, if necessary, for a fixed, low price. Simply scan the QR code on the box, and know that eMed telehealth proctors and licensed clinicians are available on demand 24/7 to assess and prescribe medical treatments when needed. Prescriptions can be ready for same-day pickup at local pharmacies at no additional cost.

eMed’s Urgent Care Telehealth Kits offer telehealth-guided, symptom-based exams and evaluations by licensed clinicians via telehealth; and, if necessary, access to prescription medication. All kits have single use clinical thermometers included. Rapid tests are included for COVID-19 and UTI, strep throat uses image capture of the tonsils to improve symptom-based clinical decision making, and influenza assessment follows CDC guidance for treatment.

"Few people have the ability to see a doctor immediately after symptom onset," says Dr. Patrice Harris, eMed CEO and co-Founder. "Between the time from illness onset to care and treatment, people suffer and risk spreading their illness to family, friends, and colleagues. Our Urgent Care Telehealth Kit eliminates that waiting and spreading period, helping people get better faster and keep illness contained."

eMed has helped close to four million people stay healthy during the worst of the pandemic, and continues to do so through its on-demand, rapid COVID-19 testing and treatment from home. In addition to the new offerings, eMed COVID-19 telehealth kits grant access to Paxlovid and other oral antiviral medicines after testing positive for COVID-19. eMed's Certified Telehealth Proctors ensure the integrity of the testing process, validate test results, and transmit certified eMed Digital Lab Reports to test takers within minutes. In addition to receiving testing and care, countless eMed households have used the company’s Digital Lab Reports to resume travel safely and confidently.

Included in each of the kits are four 24/7 on-demand telehealth consultations for common illnesses:

  • COVID+Flu: Complete a virtually-proctored FDA-authorized rapid home test for COVID-19 and, if positive, receive clinical evaluation for prescribed oral antiviral treatment. If COVID-negative, access clinical evaluation based on exposures and symptoms for flu using CDC guidance, and, if applicable, access treatment for flu–all in a single virtual visit.
  • UTI: Utilize rapid test that detects leukocytes and nitrites produced by many urinary tract infections and, if positive, access same-day treatment.
  • Strep throat: Receive a clinical screening based on imaging of the tonsils and symptom data, and access same-day treatment for strep throat from home.
  • COVID-19: Complete a virtually-proctored FDA-authorized rapid home test for COVID-19 and, if positive, receive clinical evaluation for prescribed oral antiviral treatment which shortens the gaps between symptom onset and treatment. Users also receive certified lab reports for travel and activities where a negative COVID test may be required.

Find full details of each individual telehealth experience on eMed’s product page here.

The new eMed® Urgent Care Telehealth Kit™ at $99, and all eMed telehealth kits are HSA/FSA eligible. Consumers do not need insurance to purchase a kit and access prescriptions. COVID and COVID + Flu kits are available nationwide. UTI and Strep kits are already available in most states and are coming soon to: AK, DE, ID, KS, MS, NM, RI, UT, VT, WV, and Washington D.C.

About eMed
eMed is the leader in at-home health diagnostics, using digital technology to bring affordable diagnostic testing and medical screening and treatment for four of the most common ailments. Proven effective and reliable with nearly 4 million customers since its fall 2020 launch, eMed’s kits make it easy for consumers to screen at home with guided testing and receive prescriptions if needed, saving costly urgent care and ER visits. The company is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with the first-of-its-kind at-home Test-to-Treat™ solution, an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective way for consumers to have more control over their healthcare at home. Learn more at www.eMed.com.


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