$32.3 million win for Chicago firm

Patterson Law Firm takes down global giant in American dream case in Ohio

Chicago, ILL., March 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Patterson Law Firm was tasked with the ultimate challenge of prosecuting a case within a case. Patterson Law Firm is a group of 11 skilled attorneys and professionals in the Chicago area. So how did this small-sized group finally take down a global organization to the tune of $32.3 million for client Dr. Darryl Costin? 

RevoLaze is a family business led by Dr. Darryl Costin, the inventor and owner of a patented laser technology to abrade denim to produce the worn, ripped or faded look. Dr. Costin sought legal assistance with infringement on his invention from people who refused to pay royalties. Patterson undeniably proved that they were the ones to reach out to in a case involving legal malpractice or patent infringement.

This small group accomplished a large goal with the support of their experienced team, led by Kristi Browne who, along with her team, decamped for Cleveland and set up shop. They were leaner, worked hard and were more agile. The trial had a few key moments. In one, Dr. Costin explained the devastation caused by the disqualification of Dentons. Dentons had assured him the disqualification motion would be defeated but offered no advice and was incommunicado when the motion was granted. The Dentons’ attorney handling the infringement case claimed he had all the evidence he needed to win key issues. Dr. Costin had to endure relentless and baseless attacks on his integrity and professionalism as a patent holder and small business owner.

That wasn’t all Dentons argued. They argued that we had not proved that RevoLaze would have been successful in the patent infringement case, the case they were originally hired to litigate. They made additional arguments about jury instructions and damages calculations. The jury’s verdict and the trial judge’s rulings were affirmed, and Dentons’ request to reconsider those rulings was rejected.

A successful trial is the result of irrefutable facts, indomitable legal tactics and an exceptional team. The amount of the verdict is secondary to this success. First and foremost, the primary objective is to serve justice despite the size or veracity of the opponent.

But, Dentons continued to take umbrage with the verdict, once rendered, by distributing press releases claiming that the appellate court had upended malpractice law and that an advance conflict waiver signed by the Dentons Canada client was at issue. This was patently false, as advance conflict waivers were not one of the issues raised in briefs. Yet, the media printed Dentons’ releases almost verbatim.

Patterson Law Firm considered rebutting these releases with some of their own but were advised against it. A teachable moment. If the culture of a firm is to accept new clients and big fees and worry about conflicts later, it shouldn’t be so shocking that verdicts of $32.3 million occur.

The anatomy of this trial consists of all the elements of great legal practices and an excellent team. Behind the substantial sum awarded to RevoLaze was an unwavering commitment to serve justice regardless of the opponent’s efforts. This David vs. Goliath story underlines all these factors.

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