Square and Tradable Bits to Provide Festivals & Venues with Sales Analytics Integration

Square and Tradable Bits usher in a new way to track, centralize and action sales data for venues and festivals.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tradable Bits Media Inc, a leading fan-based technology company, has teamed up with Square’s powerful ecosystem of software, payments and hardware solutions for businesses of all sizes to provide venues and festivals with a first-in-kind sales analytics integration.

Inspired by the digital-first transformation across the live entertainment and sports industries, Square and Tradable Bits are setting a new standard for the fan experience. Their goal? To develop an easier way for live events organizers to track, centralize and simplify the purchasing data from the merchants/sponsors housed within their event. These insights will allow event organizers - including venues, sports organizations, promoters and festivals - to personalize their merchant offerings, more effectively track their fans’ relationship with sponsors, and re-engage fans at a later date.

"A big challenge of today is not the lack of data, but the obstacles preventing us from using that data in real-time, easily, and with impact,” says Darshan Kaler, Co-Founder and CEO of Tradable Bits. "Our integration with Square will bring these data points together for large-scale events. It will allow promoters to bundle the best sponsorship opportunities, improve vendor’s visibility of real-time insights, move the needle on sales, and drive better experiences for everyone."

Introducing ‘Incentivize with Square’

Officially unveiled this week, Tradable Bits and Square have beta-launched “Incentivize with Square” - a digital campaign that allows clients to influence & track in-venue sales with a simple digital discount code.

“Incentivize with Square” creates a one-to-one connection between Tradable Bits’ customer data platform and Square customer profiles. Ultimately, this provides vendors and event producers metrics about the fans taking part in any promotional event configured through the campaign, allowing them to close their redemption loop, measure impact and understand who is consuming their product.

Next on the horizon is a real-time sales integration between Square and Tradable Bits, which will centralize the siloed merchant transactions often present at large-scale events.

About Tradable Bits:

Headquartered in Vancouver’s booming tech scene, Tradable Bits is a self-funded software company that provides fan-based marketing solutions for market leaders in the music, sports & entertainment industry. Tradable Bits is charting the path to personalized fan experiences in partnership with over 100 clients worldwide - including promoters, music labels, festival producers, artist management and professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, CFL, CPL, AHL, and the AFL. From cutting-edge activations & data segmentation to hyper-targeted marketing automation, their all-in-one fan marketing platform has everything you need. Tradable Bits has offices in North America, Australia and Europe.

For more information contact Asha Kennett at press@tradablebits.com

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