Smile Health Orthodontics (SHO) Now Offering Patients 3D Printed Clear Aligners & 3D Printed LightForce Ceramic Braces

Patients can safely and comfortably accelerate their treatment compared to traditional metal braces

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smile Health Orthodontics, which has practice locations in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles along with an at-home concierge service, is now offering patients 3D printed clear aligners, and LightForce 3D printed ceramic braces, among other options including the Brava by Brius Independent movers lingual braces.

Smile Health Orthodontics offers a fully customized clear aligners system as an orthodontic treatment option. Made of a safe semi flexible plastic, the aligners fit comfortably on a patient’s teeth. Dr. Solomon prints in house the 3D molds, and with digital modeling is able to fabricate plastic aligners which straighten teeth in a sequential order. The series of aligners created gradually move the teeth orthodontically. By the end of the clear aligner series, teeth are aligned and bite is corrected. Patients wear their set of upper and lower clear aligners for about 22 hours a day for seven days, before switching to the next set. Thanks to this weekly reactivation, patients generally wrap-up their treatment four to six months faster than with traditional metal braces.  

“One of the benefits of our 3D same day clear aligners is that a patient can use it as a trial to see if they do well with this kind of therapy,” commented Smile Health Orthodontics’ founder Dr. Deborah Solomon. “If it is successful, then we can move forward and start clear aligner therapy with orthodontic tooth movement at the very next appointment. Or if they prefer a fixed option instead of the clear aligners, then we can focus on various options including high tech metal braces, Brava by Brius independent tooth movers, or LightForce ceramic 3D printed braces. Parents love the trial option so they can really see how the child will do with the removable appliance.” 

Unlike conventional metal braces that use pre-made brackets, LightForce uses 3D printed brackets that are customized to fit each patient’s unique smile with close to 100 percent precision. With this option, the bracket is glued onto the teeth for the duration of the treatment.

LightForce clear ceramic braces are also less visible than metal braces, which makes them ideal for patients who want a more discreet choice, but do not want the lingual option or the removable clear aligner therapy. Alternatively, patients who want to express their artistic and creative flair can use colored ligature ties which “pop” more on the clear bracket. 

“One of the key advantages of this 3D printed system, is that the placement of the bracket on the tooth does not move throughout treatment, and as a result there are virtually no repositioning appointments,” added Dr. Deborah Solomon, who is an ABO Board Certified Orthodontist. “In addition, the bracket is fully customized to the patient, and so the prescription is as precise as it gets. This saves about 30 percent of treatment time for patients. And as an added bonus, the brackets are placed with indirect bonding trays, which help with precision and makes the bracket placement appointment much easier and quicker.”

Patients who wish to learn more about Smile Health Orthodontics’ same day 3D printed aligners, and LightForce 3D printed ceramic braces, are invited to visit and fill out the contact form.

About Smile Health Orthodontics and Dr. Deborah Solomon

Dr. Deborah Solomon practiced general dentistry a number of years ago while on active duty in the US Air Force. She pursued her passion for enhancing people’s smile and health, and became a board-certified orthodontist and dentofacial orthopedist specialist. She enjoys seeing her patients in her boutique-style orthodontic offices conveniently located in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, where she offers a variety of treatment options. Dr. Deborah Solomon truly cares about her patients, and posts fun educational and informative videos on social media. Learn more at

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