Ecocampor has Released Three New Off-Road RVs to Enhance Outdoor Camping Experience

Guangdong, China, March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ecocampor is excited to announce the launch of three new models that offer a wide range of innovative options for any type of customer. These new models are designed to enhance and improve the outdoor experience for nature enthusiasts and everyday families alike.

Expert RV Manufacturing

Ecocampor’s team is among the professionally-skilled, industry-leading experts in off-road camper trailer and caravan manufacturing. Based in China, this custom RV manufacturer works directly with dealers and wholesalers around the world. This team recognizes the importance of providing only the highest-quality RVs, with the latest features and technological capabilities.

Now, the company is proud to introduce three new off-road RVs, specifically designed to upgrade the outdoor experience, no matter where someone plans to travel. With these new off-road RVs, Ecocampor is delivering on that promise by offering dealers products that provide their customers with an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Model B Camper Trailer

The Model B camper trailer is designed for those who love off-road adventures and are looking for a compact and lightweight option that can be towed by a variety of vehicles. The trailer is equipped with a pop-up tent and a full-sized bed, as well as a kitchenette and ample storage space for all your camping gear. The Model B camper trailer is also much easier and faster to set up compared to many traditional camping setups. With the Model B camping trailer, it’s simple to load up, drive off to any destination, and set up the camping gear upon arrival. This model also offers ample storage space for all camping gear, as well as food, cooking equipment, and sleeping gear. With the Model B camper trailer, there’s plenty of storage space so nothing ever has to be left behind. Another great benefit of the Model B camping trailer is the increased mobility and independence. While traditional camping setups often require staying in one spot, the Model B camping trailer allows for easy set-up and relocation to easily move and explore many different areas.

Tradesman Trailer

The Tradesman trailer is designed for those who need a more heavy-duty option for their outdoor adventures. This trailer is built with a steel frame and includes off-road tires, reinforced walls, and a heavy-duty axle, making it tough enough for even the roughest terrain.  The Tradesman trailer also includes a rooftop tent, a full-sized bed, and a kitchenette.

The storage space on the Tradesman trailer is unmatched, with plenty of room for tools, equipment, and materials. This is an ideal choice for the avid hunter or camper, with plenty of storage to accommodate camping gear, hunting equipment, and other supplies.

19-Foot Toy Hauler

The 19-Foot Toy Hauler is designed for those who want to bring their outdoor toys along for the adventure, and is an excellent choice for those who enjoy rugged off-road adventures and want a flexible and limitless camping experience.

This RV includes a garage that can fit an ATV, dirt bike, or other outdoor gear, as well as plenty of living space. The 19-Foot Toy Hauler also features a separate room with privacy curtains, giving travelers a sense of independence and privacy during trips, making it perfect for those traveling with children or friends. It also includes a foldable sofa and removable table that provides a comfortable living space during the day that easily converts into a sleeping area at night. The 19-Foot Toy Hauler also has an amazing ensuite bed and four bunk beds, to sleep up to six people.

Each of these new products offers unique features, capabilities, and benefits for outdoor enthusiasts. With increased mobility, independence, and comfort, customers can explore nature like never before.

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